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Friday, 22 March 2013

The 50 A: Son of Coul, Fan of Cap

The 50 A

Son of Coul, Fan of Cap


Welcome back to my 50 favorite Avengers countdown. Today I talk about an Avengers ally who has slowly gone up into becoming my favorite character from the films. So then why is he on 49? Well read on to find out.

49. Agent Phil Coulson

File:Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson.jpgAlias: Clark Gregg (Actor)

First Appearance: Iron Man (2008), Marvel Battle Scars (comic debut)

Creators: Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway

Relationships: Nick Fury (friend/boss), Maria Hill (boss), Agent Sitwell (Subordinate/friend), The Avengers (friends), Pepper Potts (friend), Captain America (Idol)

Powers: None

Team Affiliations: SHIELD, The Avengers, Secret Avengers (Comics)

Best Alternate Reality Version: Marvel 616, the comic book version of Agent Coulson introduced after the popularity of his movie version soared. Came in during battle scars with Nick Fury Jr. and has now joined the Secret Avengers.

Current Status: While the comic version is in Secret Avengers, the movie version is (Spoiler Alert!!!)...Alive! Yes he is alive, according to the Avengers director Joss Whedon, Coulson is set to be the star of the upcoming SHIELD Tv series situated post-the New York battle. We'll have to wait to see how his death is explained.

Number: 49. In a relative short time, Coulson has gone on to become one of my favorite movie characters of all time. His ingenuity and sincerity among other SHIELD members is rare and the hilarious situations really make him an endearing character. The only problem is his longevity as an Avenger, in the movies he barely is one (although my ideas seem to rectify that) while he just currently joined the Secret Avengers in the comics. Still Coulson is amazing.

Top Five Big Moments  


5. Strategic Homeland's to long!
Clark Gregg made his extended cameo as Agent Coulson during the first Avengers movie. As soon as he spouted the magic Strategic and more line, comic fans over the world knew that something special was abound. He is the pillar in the collection of the Avengers and we saw Gregg dish out some wit against the snark of Robert Downey Jr. At one point in Iron Man 2, there was an allusion to his fandom over a certain man adorned in red, white and blue.

4. One-Shot Superstar

The hilarious one shots included on the Captain America and Thor Blu-Rays really gave Coulson the spotlight. 

The Consultant (Thor Blu-Ray) explains Tony Starks role ins SHIELD prior to The Avengers and his cameo in The Incredible Hulk. The World Security Council (the shadowy politicians talking to Nick Fury in The Avengers) wants the Abomination (Emil Blonsky) released to join The Avengers Initiative, to do so they need him out of custody from General Thadeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross (who had a hand in creating him during Incredible Hulk). To prevent him from releasing Abomination (since they don't want the monster part of The Avengers), Coulson and Sitwell come up with the idea to send the Consultant AKA Tony Stark. Stark's wit pisses off Ross and he declines to give SHIELD custody to Blonsky, hence inadvertently aiding SHIELD.

A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to Thor's Hammer, takes place between Coulson leaving Stark home arrested (Iron Man 2) and when Thor lands on earth while his hammer creates a crater (Thor). During a routing gas refill at a station, he goes to get snacks and pay for the gas. Two robbers enter the store and Coulson offers to give them his car keys and pistol. He ends up beating the punks, eventually hinting to the clerk that she has to take credit for their subduing. 

3. Trinity's Thoughts
If you're looking to get into the Avengers, well you would better appeal to the team stalwarts; Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. What are their thoughts on Coulson?

Son of Coul; Thor's fish out of the water situation really creates some hilarious dialect barriers. One such case is his misunderstanding of the Agent. Thor Odinson unknowingly calls Agent Phil Coulson, Son of Coul (get it?). This was just the beginning of Thor's comedic chops which include calling Iron Man metal man, vouching for Loki until he's declared a murder and thus giving us the iconic line "He's adopted!". 

Agent...Agent Coulson: When Pepper calls him Phil, it really shows the bond that has developed since the first Iron Man. However in comes in the usual Tony Stark wit, as he clearly identifies that his first name is Agent. A hilarious dialogue that would add great emotional weight to the final confrontation between Iron Man and Loki. 

The Ultimate Cap Fan or Stalker: Once we have Coulson alongside Captain America, we get down to what is an endearing yet creepy but definitely laugh inducing situation. His claims of having stared and watched the Cap seem unnerving and unintentionally hilarious. It surprisingly makes Phil Coulson a much more lovable character. 

           Coulson reading comics to a comatose Captain America, fan art.

2. Sacrifice

If you've watched any Joss Whedon TV show or his debut film feature Serenity then you knew Agent Coulson was off to the chopping block (since he loves killing off fan favorite characters), even then I was a bit surprised. Even with the stakes I never expected a death in The Avengers film and it made sense that it was eventually an expendable yet beloved character. The best part was; it was all in a heroic moment that led to The teams formation. It put Captain into the rive of leadership, really became a catalyst for Thor's perception on Loki's redemption and built towards the heroic arc for Iron Man. 

Agent Coulson presumably about to die, proves he is a SHIELD agent as he prompts Nick Fury to use his sacrifice in aligning The Avengers together.


Then news cracked, Clark Gregg (who actually had a six movie contract) was about to star in his own Marvel Universe SHIELD tv series. First thoughts, maybe it is a prequel show detailing how SHIELD began and a look at the early careers of Black Widow and Hawkeye. But no, this series takes off after the New York battle depicted in The Avengers movie. 

There were a lot of refrences that could bring Coulson back. First, when he visits Tony at the start. Stark mentions himself being a LMD (Life Model Decoy)-a feature created by Stark in the Iron Man comics-this could allude to Tony in the movies creating an LMD of his friend, to serve as an Agent on SHIELD.

The second would be Nick Fury's Easter egg, calling Coulson his 'one good eye'. This could allude to a certain android avengers; Vision. I will explain the possibilities of this soon in my Avengers movie fan cast. 

The third was Nick Fury radioing that Coulson is down, there was never any mention that he was dead. Both us (the viewers) and The Avengers probably thought he was dead due to the heat of the moment. 

He is also an agent of SHIELD in the Marvel 616 universe and an undercover agent as principal of midtown high in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.

Whatever the case Clark Gregg is reprising his role for the TV series that has had its pilot picked up. Lets just wait and watch what the Son of Coul does next.

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Avengers Assemble!

Aneesh Raikundalia           


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