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Monday, 18 March 2013

The 50 A: Ask Jeev...Jarvis!!!


The 50 A

Ask Jeev...Jarvis!!!

Welcome to my first post on the my favorite top 50 Avengers, in this countdown I will be presenting the Avengers I like. I will include a short bio on each member tailing towards their biggest moments, as well as the reason for their place among the rankings. Their big moments will be top ten moments in chronological order, for some characters this will exceed till at least 20 or go onto only 5. My rankings are positioned according to biased favoritism and has nothing to do with how much of great characters they are or the fact of how long they have been Avengers or what role they have played in the team. So enjoy number 50 of my countdown.

50. Edwin Jarvis

Alias: None

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense Vol.1 Issue.59 (1964)

Creators: Stan Lee and Don Heck

Relationships: Tony Stark (Pseudo son), Silverclaw (benefactor and pseudo-niece) and The Avengers (Team)

Powers: None

Team Affiliations: Iron Man, The Avengers, Spider-Man

Role: Caretaker/Advisor

Best Alternate Reality Version: JARVIS (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Current Status: Although he is rarely shown, Jarvis has been a constant presence in the life of the Avengers. He remains their care taker and advisor for the rookies since they were formed.

Number: 50. Some may say this is a token, frankly I could care less. Jarvis is not an AI as in the movies, but a full blown butler like Alfred Pennyworth (copycat? Maybe AI is better for the movies.). Jarvis has the rare, heck only distinction of being a part of The Avengers from day 1 (neither Cap, Thor or Iron Man can claim to have always served in the team). So this is not a token but respect to a great and very vital member of the Avengers, only problem is that he is rarely visible. 


Top Ten Big Moments


10. War Vet

Serving the Kingdom during Wold War II, Jarvis would become its champion boxer for three years. He would move to the United States to become the butler for the Starks (Howard and Maria) and keep looking after their son and home after their deaths.-Data uncomfirmed

9. Champion of The Avengers Mansion

Jarvis poised to defend the Avengers against his arch foe; dust.  

Recognized by Captain America as the optimum Avengers, Jarvis (while never always visible) has been the mainstay caretaker/guardian and adviser for The Avengers since its conception. He is the only one to have served the team through every single issue even mainstays Captain America, Iron Man and Thor have taken time away from duty to the A.-Avengers Vol.1-4, Mighty Avengers Vol.1, New Avengers Vol.1-2

8. Dark Threats and Crimson Blood

Jarvis revealed to be the villainous Crimson Cowl, because he was tired of The Avengers shitting everywhere in the Mansion (Just Kidding!!!). He was being controlled by Ultron

Sounds scary doesn't it? Well at one point if you're living in The Avengers mansion, then you're bound to face the big villains and Jarvis is no stranger to this. He was a mind-controlled puppet for the villain named Crimson Cowl, who turned out to be the Avengers most dreaded enemy; Ultron (Version 5). He also bears scars for other battles including being bound and gagged by intruders in the manor, being tortured infront of an immobilized Captain America and trying to heroically save people in a stalled subway.-Avengers Vol.1 Issue.59-60, 273-277

7. Silverclaw, his blooming Avenger

 Jarvis whooping Scarlet Witch, Thor and his ward Silverclaw at video games.

Jarvis would soon give his insider look of The Avengers to young Maria de Guadalupe 'Lupe' Santiago. Santiago an orphan would be provided child care by Jarvis through an orphanage, her strange powers meant that Jarvis would be able to not only provide for her but help her take the right path since he had been in the world of superheroes for long. She would be able to meet the Avengers and become their reserve member. She always considers Jarvis as her lovable uncle.-Avengers Vol.3 Issue.8 

6. New Avengers, New Relationships

Once the Avengers disbanded, Jarvis took a long needed break but once a new set of Earths Mightiest Heroes was formed there was a need for their constant ally. His role would be the same, just that he would now be at odds with the savage Wolverine and continue a tight bond with Spider-Man and his aunt May (who had come to live in Stark Tower).


5. The Dangers of Loyalty

The Marvel Civil War didn't focus a lot on Jarvis but it managed its best in proving his loyalty foremost to Tony Stark. He had been with the boy since a young age and that meant that Tony was first priority, Jarvis still remained butler of The Avengers that sided with Tony and the Superhuman Registration Act. He even got shot by a Stark employee opposing the act.-Civil War: The Initiative, Marvel Civil War

4. The Butler and The Aunt

Jarvis, game plan; Shy but sly. 

Prior to the Civil War, Jarvis had struck up a touching friendship with Peter Parkers aunt May. She had come to live at Stark Tower after her house went in flames and Spider-Man joined the Avengers. Post-Civil War, Spider-Man had joined Captain Americas resistance against the Superhuman Registration Act. His aunt was near death due to his identity revelation and Tony sent Jarvis with money to pay for her operation. Jarvis would confess his love for the Parkers when he breaks down seeing May close to death. Unfortunately this relationship would be removed from continuity due to the event One More Day (of which the less said about, the better).-The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 Issue.544-545

3. Jarvis: Butler, Caretaker, Kidnapper and Imposter?!
Bullseye shooting down the renegade Skrull posing as Jarvis

During the marvel event; Secret Invasion, the shape shifting alien Skrull would send one of their own to turn into Jarvis. He would be used to deactivate the Iron Man armor and find Tony Starks files on the superman like hero; Sentry. This Skrull would eventually go rogue and kidnap superhero Luke Cage and Jessica Jones baby. This Skrull is eventually shot by Bullseye (under orders of Norman Osborn) and the baby returned to his father.-New Avengers Vol.1 Issue.49 and Secret Invasion Issue.7
2. Will the Real Jarvis Please Stand-Up? 

Jarvis alongside many other heroes would join the support group of people impersonated by Skrulls through the years of the Secret Invasion. He would also decline from joining Norman Osborns Dark Avengers team, during the Green Goblins tenure as the head of SHIELD and super-humans in America.-Avengers: The Initiative Issue.20

1. Once an Avenger, always an Avenger

Jarvis would last be seen with Hercules and his sidekick Amadeus Cho. The two would convince him to join The Mighty Avenges (a resistance force against The Dark Avengers and Norman Osborn). Cho would note that Jarvis has always been present for the Earths Mightiest Heroes.-Mighty Avengers Vol.1 Issue.21

Jarvis has always been the omnipresent factor for the Avengers. He keeps everything in top shape so as the heroes are never left wanting when in their down time between missions. The true heart and soul of the team. 

Next Time: Agent Coulson, The Son of Coul

Avengers Assemble!

Aneesh Raikundalia  




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