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Thursday, 26 January 2017

HIndie Awards 2017: Best Breakthrough Actor [Male]

Best Breakthrough Actor


After the most "prestigious" Hindi film awards this year, a certain star kid [the so called label for an actor churned out from the loins of a yesteryear or current star] stated his utmost disappointment about how he lost the best debut award to a Punjabi film actor who made a stirring debut in his first film and nearly walked away with the whole thing.

The said star kid had issues as the winning actor had already been a long reigning star on top of the Punjabi film industry and it seemed unfair to hand him the debut award. While this debate is questionable, most would question whether the entitled star son was really deserving of the award as he gave a tepid performance in a tepid film.

All said, he had a point just not the mettle to back it up, to be fair despite a well deserved win for the Punjabi mega star, these awards at the end of the day are a complete sham. Though my hypocrisy allows me to state, that if I won one; I'd jump at the chance to go get it [deserved or not] ;)

PS: You can hate me for that statement all you want, filmwalas in Hindi cinema and around the world are a fickle bunch as it is.

But these awards matter, at least to me; somewhere in my small ego mind I imagine I am at least bringing to light those films that didn't get a chance at the big awards due to the lack of big stars despite the fact that they are the best films of the year.

Secondly these awards are not about a debut as such, instead these ones signify awards for breakthrough performers this year.

Not necessarily performances but rather actors who shattered a certain barrier when it comes to the close knit structure of the Hindi film fraternity.

Take for example our previous female award winner; Radhika Apte, as I said, she was far from a debutant in Hindi film and film in general yet with her quantity of quality roles she stood out and managed to prove her mettle on a bigger platform.

And now take for example this man, yes it's agreed; he is a Punjabi megastar and despite his commercial hero appeal he has managed to give some fine performances example his haunting turn in Punjab 1984.

So let's give it up to this not so debutant, breakthrough actor...

Diljit Dosanjh as Sartaj Singh for Udta Punjab

It's great to see that Dosanjh rest on the laurels of his look, despite initially seeming physically typecast for the role.

As the unscrupulous Sartaj, Diljit is a portrait for the regular common Indian/Punjabi. A tough family man with good values, yet a morally grey mentality as it comes to the idea of corruption. Dosanjh's Sartaj is refreshingly not a hero but does go through his own hero's journey.

His own ignorance of his brothers addiction as well as belief that he couldn't do anything wrong is such a standard Indian thing, and when the metaphorical slap to the face comes; Dosanjh's dry but broken expression and failing body language as well as eventual misguided rage is a sight to see.

That fury and initial aloofness is offset by his naive charm and simple humility he brings to the role, it's a tailor made part which he makes his own with the easiest of motions whether it be the coy hand movements or expressions towards Kareena Kapoor's doctor. 

Dosanjh seems to know how to balance both his star appeal and acting ambitions, becoming another poster boy for the impact individuals are willing to make for performances despite their commerical hangups.

It's a well deserved breakthrough at least.

Catch him next in Anushka Sharma's sophomore production; Philauri, alongside the boisterous actor as well as international young star Suraj Sharma.

Up Next: More than seven individuals fired the shots for the first time this year, to prove they are just as good directors as the veterans before them...Best Breakthrough Director.

'Nuff Said,

Aneesh Raikundalia

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