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Friday, 12 August 2016

That's No Moon: Predictability is Rogue One's Secret Weapon!

Star Wars: Rogue One

Predictable for its own good

Just like much of the marketing has done, in the latest trailer for the Star Wars prequel [oh god! that's still a scary three words to say]; we are once again reminded of the impending doom that holds true in the time frame Rogue One sets itself in relation to the past and future of the Star Wars mythology. 

Barring any last minute twists or surprises [aka the heroes becoming the knights of Ren decades later]; the heroes of the Rebel Alliance tasked with the mission to retrieve the Death Star plans are dying. It's a sad inevitable that none of them are more than most likely to make it alive. 

In a blockbuster season that has been far underwhelming, this predictable ending comes as a bitter boon. 

In its latest trailer Rogue One promises a whole host of things. A slick recruitment process with a team that looks exciting not to mention the most unlikeliest of awesome droids to rival cute favorites BB8 and R2D2 as well as genuine cast camaraderie and chemistry. The grandeur of Star Wars sequences mixed with the grit of a war fought by soldiers on the ground and the return of the iconic Darth Vader; promising some terrible times ahead. 

Rogue One, like Force Awakens last year; promises to blow the mainstream gates of Hollywood out of the water in a year that has been far too timid or tepid even with Deadpool standards. 

Major deaths are promised, the ending is well versed across the galaxy yet ironically this is what will make Rogue One top dog this year. 

It's after all not the destination that matters, but the road taken to it and in the hands of a competent Gareth Edwards; Rogue One seems to be the Star Wars film no one asked for, but the one that probably is bound to pack the most punch [apart from that tearjerker of a Han Solo death scene].

So don't miss out on the next chapter in the Star Wars Saga. Rogue One in a theater near you this December 16th!

'Nuff Said,

Aneesh Raikundalia