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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Masters of Evil Part 1


Golden Rogues

Masters of Evil AKA B-list villains who make a good team to face B-List heroes

It seems like the past few weeks have had a villainous impact on me. 

With DC comics New 52 going through their villains month phase and Iron Man 3 releasing on dvd reminding fans the destruction of the Mandarin as a formidable force (although I have gotten over it, but we'll talk about that later), not to mention Oliver vowing not to kill anyone and in turn building his own Rogues gallery (Arrow Season 2). I have also gotten fixated with the darker side, and in turn beginning to build the rogues galleries for my own created superheroes in my Heroverse (ya I know, lame name). 

All this coupled together with the unofficial release of Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser, reminded me that I never really lived up to the promise of an article regarding the robotic menace that is Ultron. 

While we were teased with Thanos (purple gorilla) at the end of Avengers, it seemed Whedon pulled a swerve and added Ultron to threaten our favorite heroes in their second outing as a team. 

At first I was confused, but it makes sense after all. Thanos is nigh powerful and a major threat to not just the Avengers but the whole Marvel Universe, he should be kept at the back for a trilogy finale in Avengers 3 (hopefully though not a franchise last). 

Ultron on the other hand makes sense because of the sequel look. Most comic book movie franchises have always had their second installment as the best and sometimes most personal, it also most of the time includes the arch nemesis of the hero. 

Lets look at some modern day examples; Spider-Man 2 had Dr. Octopus, yes most people would claim that the Green Goblin is Spider-Man's true nemesis but they couldn't be anywhere far from the truth. 

Dr. Octopus is an image of who Peter Parker could have become had he not learned his lesson of responsibility early in his youth, he would have grown up to be as spiteful of the world as Otto Octavius even prior to the accident that made him Doc Ock. Not to forget that in the past few years Goblin has eclipsed Spider-Man and has become an Avengers villain (including one time leader) in his own right. Also there's the thing about Octopus taking over Peter's body in current continuity. 

Back to topic...another example would be The Dark Knight, it brought Batman in the film to his knees and only because he was up against his most hated foe; The Joker. 

All in all, the superhero sequel is one that includes the heroes greatest villain, biggest mistakes and most emotionally tormenting time. 

This for a team of heroes like the Avengers clearly spells as Ultron. 

Now onto a bit off Ultron...

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Man of Steel: Kingdom Come Review

Man of Steel

Kingdom Come Review

While I understand that Man of Steel month is over, I couldn't help but giving Superman another go. Prior to my Man of Steel review I promised a look at where to start with reading Superman comics like I did with Iron Man.  

Unfortunately, once I sat down to put this list together, I realized that my Superman knowledge was limited and that complimented my own article regarding my non existent interest in the big blue boy scout. 

Then I got a chance to grab a bunch of Superman books, Man of Steel's release jogged a new ambition in me and now I hold seven special books on the first superhero in the world. 

These are the seven books, by the end of the year I will hopefully have reviewed all of them

So I've been on a kind of Superman binge this past month, any time I can catch break from work I pull out one of these bad boys and start reading. 

As you may have noticed my review format has changed. I'm tired of doing the formulaic method, instead I insist on just reviewing the book in a free style method. Its much more fun. 

Also from now on my reviews will reflect the format of the book I have; such as my Kingdom Come is a trade paperback edition, though you can get it in hardcover and Absolute editions. This is because, I've stopped reading comics from a illegally downloaded digital format (its the reason I actually stopped my weekly reviews), so as to save me from a guilty concious. 

Now onto the review...