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Sunday, 22 January 2017

HIndie Awards 2017: Best Actor [Female] in a Leading Role [Indian Language]

Best Actor [Female] in a Leading Role

[Indian Language]

In 2017 the exponential increase in roles especially of the leading kind for female actors has been heartening.

We've seen a varied type of roles be created and performed across the board and performers have especially shined in the various languages, not just Hindi.

A source of greatest approval has been the terrific roles written down south especially in hero-centric films, mostly because they rarely appreciate the other side of talents.

Take for example Trisha's role in Kodi, written absolutely well with a stronger arc even than her male co-star in Dhanush. She might not have been talented enough to take it to the next level, but Trisha still should get credit for stepping up to the challenge unlike ever.

As for our nominees?

Well, these ones are just absolutely special...

Ritika Singh as Ezhil Madhi for Irudhi Suttru

Having already shockingly scored a Best debut award at the Filmfare this year, Ritika Singh is on an absolute high.

The former MMA fighter channelled her natural talents to play feisty fisherwoman turned boxer in the underdog sports movie. This would have been easy to then call as a natural performance bolstered by the fact that the actor were portraying themselves, yet Singh goes above and beyond the call.

She scores brownie points for not only presenting an affable persona in contrast to the headstrong attitude but also providing genuine moments of laughter and pathos to her quest, most importantly her chemistry with Madhavan is a livewire and she sparks up against him; matching the veteran performer, beat for beat.

Kamalinee Mukherjee as Yazhini for Iraivi

It becomes disheartening to witness how a stable woman like Yazhini, devotedly in love with her husband [Surya's Arul] is broken down by the men in her life's actions and her own unwillingness to do right by herself.

It all comes down to how well Kamalinee Mukherjee assumes the shades of this character, she makes her endearing, even strong at the same moment her plight distasteful yet never completely absolving her off all blame.

The subtle ticks she brings in her change to the performance make you hate her decisions but never ridicule or question them, when she returns into Arul's arms heartbroken despite her impending second marriage; you see an absolute desperation to save everything she considers dear.

Amala Paul as Shanti Gopal for Amma Kanakku

Amala Paul has the enviable task of following Swara Bhaskar's career making turn from the original Nil Battey Sanata, in the same year; yet she succeeds in ways unbelievable.

Paul brings a softer innocence to her turn, especially with a wide eyed wonder as she navigates the difficult world of Maths. Despite this, the motherly quality is never lost as Paul grows relentless in her pursuit for her daughters better future;

She gets the endearing qualities from the onset, though playing with an apt range of emotions it is that wide eyed wonder that catches you and makes Amma Kanakku such a breezy movie to experience.

Rinku Rajguru as Archana 'Archie' Patil for Sairat

The star find of the year!

Rinku Rajguru is a charming persona in her debut film, never feeling off in front of the camera and challenging the notions of the film with a blistering turn as the entitled and confident Archie. It is easy sometimes to be charismatic and she shoulders this film on her shoulders.

Yet the arc that propels Archie through the dour second half shows her magnificent chops taking the dramatic turn in her stride, as a fish out of water; Rajguru challenges her character with great nuance in expression and language.

It's a star making turn and an iconic turn for the ages.

Anjali as Ponni for Iraivi

In contrast to her co-lead, Ponni is far more softer in touch and docile yet that is why her arc hits harder when she finally accepts the rains and finds liberation.

Anjali arrives with the simple innocence that is befitting the demure girl, yet there is an energy within and this subtlety and nuance is brought forth in the way she develops over time. Just as the passing evolution of Sethupati is smooth, equally is Anjali's.

The calibrated build of confidence is what wins the viewer over and celebrate her final victory despite setbacks.

And the Winner is...

Rinku Rajguru as Archana 'Archie' Patil for Sairat!!!

As with last year, the Marathi female lead proves to be transcendent in a film worth celebrating, she shines and her future is bright.

Up Next: the man that never gets his due...the Male Supporting Actor!!!

'Nuff Said,

Aneesh Raikundalia

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