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Thursday, 26 January 2017

HIndie Awards 2017: Best Breakthrough Actor [Female]

Best Breakthrough Actor


When we say breakthrough, it does not mean debut necessarily.

The word breakthrough implies someone who has taken the next step in pushing boundaries and reaching a new level of improvement or status in their career, in this case the acting class of filmmaking which is normally shut out for outsiders.

Last year with a quantity full of quality performances Radhika Apte broke new ground in the Indian film industry and last year not only was she one of the best performers but is a double nominee in the leading and supporting drama categories at the HIndie Awards.

Breakthrough could be a debut actor who gives a stirring performance [they could also be nominated elsewhere for this] or it could be an actor whose role and performance brought them into the limelight and the big leagues. Anything and everything.

This year's case is however the former, she's not necessarily a debutant; she worked as a child actor but now makes a full fledged debut in one of the most celebrated films of the year. More importantly she's not alone...

Fatima Sana Shaikh as Geeta Phogat for Dangal*

Why the asterix across her name...well this is why?

While Fatima Sana Shaikh basically demands a lead role in a film that is hers as much as it is Aamir Khan's, she isn't alone in giving a stirring performance as the real life prolific wrestler.

The asterix includes;

*Sanya Malhotra as Babita Phogat, Zaira Wasim as Young Geeta and Suhani Bhatnagar as Young Babita

They are all a riot to watch, specifically the younger versions who bring a much needed dose of humor and innocence that makes the first half of Dangal one of the best of last year.

As their arcs progress further and the insurmountable odds mount up against them, they display a smooth change of demeanor especially Zaira Wasim who grows in confidence as a performer as time moves on, as is apt for the character.

It's sad then that the writing doesn't leave much to do for the older versions, yet Sanya Malhotra becomes a much needed voice of conscious that presents a strong character through her expressive eyes. Watch her interviews around the film promotions and it's hard to tell that Sanya is the Sanya on screen, because she isn't; it's actually Babita.

Finally we come to the powerhouse of the group Fatima, as the wrestler Geeta; Fatima exudes authenticity in her fight scenes, she is equally adept in breaking ground with the melodramatic confrontations specifically up against Aamir Khan in their thrilling wrestling match. She also carries forward the confidence well, with a nice tinge of arrogance.

When she losses her sense of self and turns it around to be a victor you can't help but cheer and Fatima makes it so.

Whatever is up next for her, she has a tall order to climb. As for the others they will shine to, with Zaira Wasim unnecessarily being harassed and standing tall; it proves her resolve not only that but she is set to play the lead in another Aamir Khan production thus proving her mettle.

Up next; The ying to the yang, as we find out which actor made a big breakthrough this year...Best Breakthrough Actor [Male]

'Nuff Said,

Aneesh Raikundalia 

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