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Sunday, 22 January 2017

HIndie Awards 2017: Best Actor [Female] in a Supporting Role [Indian Language]

Best Actor [Female] in a Supporting Role

[Indian Language]

The first acting award of the year and let me just put it out there, it has been such a phenomenal year of performances that this first one is difficult to judge.

Indeed there will be one winner of five nominees, but there definitely isn't any lose. Each of these actors give a great performance.

Among these nominees we also celebrate a former winner;

The talented thespian Revathi for her turn in a Supporting Role in Drama for Margarita with A Straw.

So anyways, here goes, these are the nominees...

Mumtaz Sorcar as Laxmi for Irudhi Suttru

In Irudhi Suttru, Mumtaz Sorcar reminds you very much of Shilpa Shukla from Chak De India; a compliment if nothing else.

Sorcar plays her character with heft and dexterity, a talented boxer who works hard but not quite the prodigy her younger sister is. This eats her up and Mumtaz Sorcar relays these pangs of jealousy with a nice flourish. She's tough and she makes you despise some of Laxmi's action but at the end of the day, you empathize; you understand and you forgive just as other characters do.

In her fighting scenes, the talented actor matches up to her professional co-star sister and that's no mean feat either. So, Kudos.

Revati as Dr. Nandhini for Amma Kanakku

As the voice of reason and friendly "godmother" for Shanti. Revati is a delight.

She challenges her lead co-actor with a very simple performance, the great definition of a supporting player.

As Dr. Nandhini, Revati has her highlights when she confronts the principal about enrolling Shanti into a school; she keeps a straight face in the face of the comedy. Revati rolls with the punches off the film, acting as an apt board for the comedic and dramatic moments with ease.

She sinks into the films narrative with ease, the great definition of a supporting player.

Shaun Romy as Anitha for Kammatipaadam

In Kammatipaadam, Shany Romy could have simply been a silent figure; a point of contention between friends Krishnan and Ganga, yet she gets to be so much more.

It's a simple role, there is depth beyond the love interest despite the lack of footage and that all comes down to the trust placed on Romy to formulate a character and performance from her own. She steps up to the challenge and pulls it off with aplomb, embodying the demure love interest of the two sides but also disintegrating in the process.

Her scenes in the present day as the worn down wife of Ganga is highlighted by her absolute pain in the rut she has been stuck in and more importantly her longing hope at the sight of Krishnan. She brings a breeziness in the past and the burdened regret in the future; echoing a role of aging and evolution with minimal resources but maximum effect.

Sindhu Murthy as Ash for Brahman Naman

As the consistently degraded Ash, Sindhy Murthy is not only an advent for spirit and joy but genuine  heart especially when she finally manages to stand up to the obnoxious Naman.

Through the film Sindhu Murthy displays an array of comedic chops without the conventional manner of timing or landing jokes, she is a more physical performer and it is seen absolutely smartly in her fluid body language as the hapless young lovelorn loser after the erratic Naman.

She's a delight on screen, absolutely as is apt for this meta deconstruction of a coming of age sex-comedy; she steals the show from her co-stars on many a given occasion providing with a sweet turn and heart to the film.

Pooja Devariya as Malarvizhi for Iraivi

As the well adjusted Malarvizhi with a hell of a sexual drive, Pooja Devariya's character is probably the most well adjusted of women in the film. She probably consistently enjoys getting drenched in the liberating rains.

Sharp tongued and astute, Devariya plays her character as a subdued femme fatale of sorts with a great sense of delivery and confidence. Yet in spite of this, the character hides a certain pain of love lost and it comes through in her expressive performance.

Pulling back the layers between archetype, character and persona [one of the modern woman]; Devariya provides with a turn that if it had substantial grounds through the film would have definitely overshadowed everything with relative ease.

And the Winner is...

Pooja Devariya as Malarvizhi for Iraivi!!!

So there's your first winner, Iraivi gets big one with this and now we see who is next?

Up Next: The sort of considered the big one...Best Leading Actor Male

'Nuff Said,

Aneesh Raikundalia

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