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Monday, 1 April 2013

Assembling the MCU

Assembling The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is thriving, The Avengers last year became the third highest grossing movie ever (of course without negating 3D prices or inflation). Here in this post, I aim to explore the future of this budding universe through listing down a timetable for how Marvel Studios should work out the next movies. 

Marvel Studios began producing movies in 2008 with Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Before this Marvel would sign contracts with other production studios, signing out their characters such as Spider-Man and X-Men. Marvel unfortunately would have no creative control and each of these heroes ended up on different sides; Sony have Spider-Man and Ghost Rider, Fox have X-Men and Fantastic Four and they had Daredevil, while other studios had Blade and Punisher. 

Funnily enough Marvel was left with a bunch of B Lister heroes to create their own Marvel Cinematic Universe, these heroes were the linked by one factor; they are all Avengers. Thus what Marvel dubbed as Phase One came into fruition;

Phase 1

Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers. All completed, Marvel with the release of the next Iron Man movie, begins Phase 2. This will lead up to Avengers 2 where the team will face off against Thanos the Titan (the purple ape guy, at the end of The Avengers).

Below is my calendar for Phase 2 and then the rest of the Phases (planed by me), each title will have links once I have written an article regarding them. This is so as my post here becomes a sort of cover page to each of the movies I would like to see (or make) in the MCU.

Phase 2

Adjusted Phase 2 to include Age of Ultron, which has changed a lot of things in this post

Iron Man 3- Here is my review of Iron Man's third outing

Thor: The Dark World-Thor, Jane, Sif and the Warriors three alongside Asgard race across the realms in order to defeat the militant Dark Elves and their leader; Malekith the Accursed. Replaced my Thor prediction with the review

Captain America: The Winter Soldier-Steve Rogers tries adjusting to the new world while fighting alongside SHIELD but a ghost from the past enters to haunt him forever. 

Guardians of The Galaxy- A United States pilot ends up in a intergalactic conflict around a mysterious object and must go on the run with fugitive ex-cons who have stolen the said item.

Agents of SHIELD-When the big boys play, they cause a lot of destruction. Now it's up to a still alive Agent Coulson and his black-ops SHIELD unit to clean their mess. Together they are the Agents of SHIELD, but can Coulson racked with guilt and shame lead them to succeed and what secret is it that Nick Fury hides regarding his death. 

Avengers: Age of Ultron-Tony Stark has enhanced his Iron Man models to work on their own but when one son of Stark goes haywire, Tony will have to suit up once again and Assemble the Avengers to take on their greatest threat: Ultron!

Phase 3

Ant-Man- One time thief and now SHIELD Agent; Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is in big trouble, his daughter has been kidnapped due to her status as an 084 and now to save her he decides to steal the Ant-Man suit and Pym Particles formula created by the legendary Hank Pym. He succeeds but makes enemies out of AIM, now Scott needs the help of Hank Pym and his daughter Janet to take down AIM scientist and superpower Radioactive Man. Hank must search his secret past as Ant-Man to help Scott save the day.

Thor: Surtur Saga-Asgard is called to stand against the fire demon of Muspelheim. Together Thor, his father Odin and brother Loki make a stand against their greatest enemy. Thor and Sif become each others pillars of strength while Loki gains redemption.

Captain America: Blood Vengeance- Still in search for the Winter Soldier, Steve comes face to face with a dark reflection his country hid from him; The Captain, and army sergeant who after Captain America's supposed death picked his mantle up. Now having gone crazy with the serum, The Captain threatens to destroy the America Steve doesn't know anymore. 

Doctor Strange-Once an arrogant man; Stephen Strange looses his hands in an accident and goes through the ordeals to revive them with a magic touch. He become a man of great power; the Sorcerer Supreme. But with power for one comes envy for the other. Now he must face Baron Mordo, in order to prevent him from giving strength to the demon; Dormammu.

Guardians of The Galaxy:Thanos Quest-With the help of the mysterious Adam Warlock, The Guardians must stop Thanos the Titan before he can collect the Infinity Gems

Daredevil: Netflix Show, Jessica Jones: Netflix show, Iron Fist: Netflix Show, Luke Cage: Netflix show

Avengers: Infinity-Unable to prevent Thanos, Guardians hurtle on Earth to warn its protectors of the arrival of Death to all. The Avengers make their biggest stand, can Stark regain their confidence and redemption for his past sins?

Phase 4

Black Widow and Hawkeye- Either a live-action or animated feature that is a prequel to the adventures of when Black Widow and Hawkeye met, including bits of their origins before The Avengers.

Black Panther- Wakanda has been a thriving technological hub in Africa for years thanks to their storage of vibranium, protected by their king The Black Panther. During an excursion with the intruder Ulysses Klaw, the king T'Chaka is murdered. Now his son T'Challa must take up the mantle of the Black Panther and stave off an invasion from Klaw and villains; Rhino, Black Knight and Radioactive Man. 

Guardians of The Galaxy: Dark Matter-Peter Quill finally learns the truth to his heritage of the position of Star-Lord, he declines to join his alien King father and rather goes to war against his people to protect Earth alongside the Guardians. It's all out war as the Guardians face Quill's father. But on which side do the Inhumans stand.

Defenders-Netflix TV Show

Thor: God of Thunder- Thor is the King of Asgard now and he must face new foes. His brother is up to no good again and with the aid of Asgardians Enchantress and the Executioner, he wishes to once again lay claim to the throne. This time he brings along his people he tried to kill before; The Frost Giants.

Ant-Man and the Wasp- Scott Lang picks the mantle of Ant-Man and teams up with Pym's daughter; former SHIELD agent Janet Pym, But SHIELD sends in two agents too take them out: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. What does Janet know that threatens the Ant and the Wasp?

Captain America: SHIELD-Bucky Barnes picks up the Shield from his fallen friend Steve Rogers, now he must prove worthy of the mantle and take down Hydra once and for all; in his way? Baron Strucker and a new rebellion leader; Baron Zemo. But Bucky and his team has a traitor in their midst?

Punisher:Max- TV Show.

Avengers: Masters of Evil- After their failed Siege of Asgard alongside Loki, Enchantress and Executioner are banned to Earth. There they form an alliance with Baron Zemo, Radioactive Man and The Black Knight to form the Master of Evil. While Hulk returns to rescue the Avengers. After all the problems with SHIELD, the Avengers decide to operate alone.

Phase 5

Iron Man: Armor Wars- Some familiar force of evil has just traded away Iron Man's new technology secrets to Justin Hammer who trades it off to other villains. Plus SHIELD also has some of Tony's tech. Now a more ruthless Iron Man goes rogue trying to take down every villain with vigor .

The Incredible Hulk 2-A flashback shows that Samuel Sterns (Mr. Blue) was incarcerated after the Gamma he caught on his head affected him. Now in a secret Gamma prison established by SHIELD, The Leader (Sterns) manipulated Gamma affected Abomination (Blonsky) and Absorbing Man to attack and bring him Hulk. Hulk is once again on the run, having learned of the Gamma prison; the cube and is aided by former friend Rick Jones, Betty Ross and her ex-boyfriend Doctor Samson. Hulk must face of against the monsters and the Leader, but what is the impending fracturing occurring in his mind and how far does it threaten him and his friends.

Thor: Ragnarok- Thor battles the Midgard Serpent with the 'twilight of the gods' coming to head. This is all due to the machinations of Loki as he causes the death of their brother Balder and breaks open the Ragnarok prophecy. But a deadly secret lies about this twilight and Thor must decide the fate of all the gods.

Black Panther: Wrath of the White Wolf-After Wakanda was nearly torn by the siege, adopted brother to T'Challa and the guard of Wakanda; White Wolf, tries to take over from the inside with the help of rival tribe King Man-Ape. Together they seize Wakanda as White Wolf plans to sell the Vibranium to other countries through the Shadow Council. The Black Panther heads to States to enlist the aid of his father's old friend; Captain America.

Captain Marvel- Meet Air force pilot Carol Danvers, a woman blasted by an Alien explosive during a Kree encounter giving her powers equal to a legendary Kree soldier; Mar'vell. Now she must use these powers to face off against the Kree and its champions seeking to test the mettle of Earth, looking to use Earth as a base of war against their vaunted enemy the Skrulls.

Ant-Man Vs. The Wasp-Ant-Man uses a new formula to turn into the gigantic Goliath. Unfortunately the formula makes him erratic eventually bringing him into confrontation with his soon to be wife; The Wasp. On the horizon looms the threat of old boss/rival Egg Head and his corporation hired Masters of Evil.

Avengers: Kree-Skull War- A War between two alien races is coming and the Earth is stuck in the middle, can even the Avengers save the day?

Phase 6

Iron Man: Stark Resilient- Tony Stark is growing erratic and seems to be building his company back to a weapons manufacturer as well as suiting up. This new company is headed as Stark Resilient but it seems his behavior is this way due to a virus controlling him through the Extremis armor. The maker and manipulator of this virus; a man who has been manipulating every event since Iron Man's birth and is very, very real.

Captain America and Bucky- Baron Zemo is in full control of Hydra, he now gets ready to gain full vengeance upon Captain America. But when the chips are down, Steve Rogers returns from the dead. Question is; as friend or foe?

Captain Marvel: Legacy- Carrying the legacy of an iconic warrior she never knew, Captain Marvel fights her own inner ambitions and dreams. But as she gets ready to accept herself and the Legacy, another seeks to claim her power; Moonstone.

Incredible Hulk: Grey-Bruce has been battling the voices in his head, hiding out in Las Vegas he finally gives in as the green Goliath turns grey. Now a wise cracking bouncer, this Hulk hits the radar of newest SHIELD member; General Thunderbolt Ross. Ross goes out to square off against his vaunted enemy, who is strong as Hulk and smart as Banner.

Spider-Woman: Agent of Hydra- Hawkeye is sent out to hunt a new Hydra agent known as the Spider. His collision brings him across Black Widow (his former friend/partner) and his target; Jessica Drew. Who's the hero, who's the villain and can Hawkeye trust any of these ladies when Baron Zemo comes knocking (this takes place before Captain America and Bucky). 

Avengers: Under Siege- The Masters of Evil return, led by Zemo with Baron Mordo, Ulysses Klaw, Radioactive Man, Black Knight, Moonstone, Absorbing Man and the mysterious Yellow Jacket. Together they lay waste to the Avengers and take control of The Avengers Tower. With The Avengers down, who can save the world now?

Phase 7

Thunderbolts-After barely fighting off The Masters of Evil, the Avengers disband. In their wake a new team of heroes forms with a much darker secret.

Iron Man: Disassembled-After the virus that nearly took over Extremis and the destruction of Avengers Tower, Stark now must put in place the promise he mad; he must wipe his mind clean. However after doing so, he has to go back into his past to find the formula in defeating an enemy/lover from his past as Tony Stark; Madam Masque.

Captain America: Nomad-Steve Rogers has returned to the world once again, he sees it clear now; everything is gone to hell. Rogers suits up as the Nomad to decide to clean up country, but in his path stands his once ally; Captain America (Bucky).

Spider-Woman: Agent of SWORD- Jessica Drew is placed as a new Agent to the space unit of SHIELD; SWORD. In the aftermath of the Kree-Skrull was, Spider-Woman alongside Agent Brandt has to clear up the Skrull and Kree war close to Earth. But Jessica learns a deep dark horrifying secret that will change her forever.

Planet Hulk-After his behavior during the Siege and problematic mind set, the Hulk is vaunted of to space by the secret society; The Illuminati. Hulk lands on Sakaar a planet ravaged with gladiator battles. 
Avengers: Kang Dynasty- The time traveling villain Kang comes to Conquer Earth, now a New set of Avengers forms and with the Thunderbolts they must face their greatest threat yet.

Phase 8

Thunderbolts: Justice Like Lightning-The Thunderbolts secret is out! Now with the other heroes occupied, Hawkeye must prove his mettle as he recruits a small unit of Avengers in facing the Thunderbolts. But with the battle laying New York to waste, a new proposal comes from the World Security Council; The Superhuman Registration Act!

Captain America: Enemy of the State-In the aftermath of his battle with Rogers everything goes haywire. Bucky's past causes him trouble when he becomes the enemy of state, Steve takes the mantle back to help save him and also avoid SHIELD and the superhuman registration act. Once they fought him; now Captain America and The Winter Soldier must trust Baron Zemo to take out SHIELD.

Iron Man: Agent of SHIELD-Iron Man championing the Superhuman Registration Act has just become a target for multiple villains and even heroes, but is he really under threat or are these just political power-plays? Witness a heroes greatest fall.

Avengers: Civil War- It is an all out war as hero battles hero in the Avengers darkest days.

Phase 9

Iron Man: Director of SHIELD- Having won the Civil War, Iron Man is appointed the Director of SHIELD. Unfortunately for him this means new threats including Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors. But they must come together to face an even bigger foe; Ultron V3, trying to take over SHIELD

Captain Marvel:Viper-Leading Avengers isn't an easy task, now Carol has to contend with the threat of Viper and Hydra while keeping her teammate Sentry in check.

Captain America: The Shield-With Bucky 'Dead', A captive Rogers is freed from SHIELD prison to take up the mantle of Captain America so as to face his friends killers; Baron Zemo, Crossbones and Agent 13!

Thunderbolts: Darkness Descends-A new Thunderbolts is formed under the leadership of a nanite controlled...Leader.

The Avengers: World War Hulk-Having lost the love of his life;Caiera. Hulk now blames the Illuminati for his misfortunes and alongside the Warbound plans on vengeance against Earth and its champions. Can the split Avengers form together one more time and can they forgive Stark and the Illuminati?

Phase 10

Hulk: Code Red- Bruce Banner is captive at a SHIELD prison, but there are reports of a rampaging Hulk. Questions arise whether Bruce's mental disorders are acting up again but this new Hulk seems meaner and stronger and he is Red with fury. The Leader must trust Hulk to bring this Red Hulk down. Plus the return of the God of Thunder.

Ant-Man: Astonished-With behest of Hank Pym and Secret Avengers leader Luke Cage, Scott Lang once again dons the helmet of the tiniest Avengers. His mission; infiltrate Avengers tower and destroy the Dark Avengers.

Iron Man: Into Darkness- Iron Man is on the run, now with the data on every superheroes identity. Iron Man is fighting for his life against SHIELD and their Leader, his only ally; Steve Rogers.

Captain America: The Winter Guard-On the run from Norman Osborn and SHIELD, Captain America is back in Russia. Here he comes face to face with protectors of the long destroyed USSR; The Winter Guard.

Hawkeye: Mockingbird-Now currently decommissioned, Clint Barton watches as the villainous Bulls-eye masquerades in his costume. In a bid to prevent his name being tarnished, Hawkeye comes under the radar of SHIELD eventually sending Bulls-eye and SHIELD agent Mockingbird against him. But what happens when two warriors on opposite sides fall in love? 

The Avengers: Dark Reign-The Leader the current head of SHIELD alongside his Avengers; Hulk (Skaar), Thor (Ragnarok) Captain America (Nomad), Captain Marvel (Moonstone), Scarlet Witch (Lady Loki), Hawkeye (Bulls-eye) and Sentry to take on a bunch of villains during a mass SHIELD breakout while making sure the world doesn't notice this failure. But one man is hunting them, one man who is out to Punish.

Phase 11

Thor: King of Thunder- Due to Ragnarok, Asgard has been devastated. After years Thor decided to take the Celestia upon their offer and brought all gods back to life, Thor now faces the reality of being a King without a Kingdom and decides to erect Asgard upon Earth. Is he in the right or wrong? And can the Dark Avengers stop him?

Iron Man: Bleeding Edge- Iron Man creates a new armor called the Bleeding Edge, Tony Stark having publicly apologized to The Leader and USA now is free of all charges but his not out of the hot water. Norman uses his power to back the returning Justin Hammer who brings with him a weapon unlike any other; Detroit Steel.

Captain America: Red, White and Blue- The new Captain America has been garnering support from the anti-dark Avengers crowd. But now mysteriously, Baron Zemo has been freed from SHIELD prison and he and Hydra are out for their greatest vengeance.

Skaar: Son of Hulk- Bruce Banner now powerless comes face to face with his gladiator son; Skaar. A monster that carries the legacy of his father but not his heroism. Now Banner must bring forth the same monster he always tried to get rid of.

Dark Avengers: Siege-Loki's machinations in place, he manipulates The Leader in laying Siege on the newly created Asgard (above Oklahoma). Since many years, all The Avengers reunite to fight their greatest battle against a power mad Leader and a corrupted Sentry with the Dark Avengers. Not to mention the man that brought them together in the first place; Loki!

I adjusted a lot more this time round, I had to make changes to Iron Man for Vision. Baron Zemo and Hydra because I still think Red Skull will be in Cap 2, Winter Soldier takes Cap's mantle earlier with the new that post Avengers 3 Chris Evans is set to retire from acting. Ant-Man will be Scott Lang from the start, not Hank Pym. 

Biggest change was removing Spider-Man altogether (Sony's building Spidey's own universe), so Goblin had to go and I replaced him with The Leader instead (for now) cause I couldn't think of anyone else

Currently I will stop this far, I have ideas to go further but lets just see how this fares. I will provide details for each of these movies and link them here. Plus once done I will update this post with an extended calendar.

Avengers Assemble!

Aneesh Raikundalia


  1. It sounds great but it will never happen. Phase 3 will probably be the last one because of age and contracts. Also less-established heroes will not be given a whole film e.g Black Panther. Why? Because if anything the film 'Dredd', proved that a lesser know hero can have a amazing film yet be let down at the box office due to lack of public interest. Not to say we wont have black panther and dr strange in phase 3 (Thor, Avengers etc) but getting a spin off is unlikely.
    I do hope it goes long, yet by the time you think Phase 9 will be out, its like 20 years a way. RDJR will be 60ish and the studio will want a new sexier black widow to make money off the teenagers who do no appreciate the history of Marvel comics. I do hope some of your ideas come true, yet sadly alas, I doubt it.

    James, 14.

  2. Dude give me some time, I will establish it. Yes my previews will include current actors, but I am sure Marvel wont throw away a multi-billion dollar franchise. Bond did it, now its time to see and prove that cbm's can do it; replacing their actors. Check this post to understand;

  3. Finally! Someone else who thinks that the Cinematic Universe won't stop after Phase Three! I'm not sure about how some of those story lines would go, but I'd sure like to see Marvel try!

  4. waht about the thanos imperitive? captain marvel is not carol danvers, she is ms marvel, this whole idea is wrong just wrong.

  5. What about the Thanos Imperative?

    Come on, how can you expect fans to come to a Movie named Ms Marvel, we don't live in the freaking 1920's or whatever. If you want the audience to respect a hero no matter what their gender, then they have to have their own identity (in some form) not be a Ms to someone else's. Plus the comic already has her re-christened as Captain Marvel; the best move they ever made with this mistreated character, she could have and should be Marvel's Wonder Woman and more

  6. You failed to mention the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tv show.

  7. Ah yes, I keep on forgetting that. Thanks for the reminder :D

  8. what about silver surfer, fan 4?

    1. and xmen too? u forgot xmen vs avnegers...

    2. I actually reconsidered putting any FF or X-Men since their film rights are owned by FOX. While I understand that Spider-Man is also owned by Sony, I think they are more likely to collaborate with Marvel together...they nearly did for the Avengers