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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Week of Grieving

Week of Grieving

This will be a relatively short post, to honor in silence the comic book and film icons we lost through this terrible week. Please take your time to pay respects to;

Robert Clarke

File:Robert J Bob Clarke.jpg

If you've ever had the distinction of reading the world renowned MAD magazine consider yourself lucky, I was introduced to the magazine just two years back by my high school Art professor. My essay on the 'History of Comic Books in the USA and Japan' was not going so well and my teacher (a little raw on the subject) introduced me to MAD. Now while it didn't help my writing, MAD magazine gave me an entertaining respite between study hours. Some of the pieces within the magazine had the magic touch of Robert Clarke. Robert or Bob, as he was fondly known, passed away at the mark of the week on 31st March 2013 at the age of 87 due to pneumonia. 

Thank you Bob for those MAD-tastic Illustrations/parody art, may you rest in peace.

George Gladir

If like me you constantly read or are still reading the adventures of Archie and the Riverdale gang, and don't know who their writer was, then here he is; George Gladir. Gladir was a staple writer at the Archie comic publications house, he also created the ever popular; Sabrina the teenage witch. His contribution did not stop there, as a writer he also took it to another level with becoming chief writer for Cracked magazine. Unfortunately he passed away in April 4 of this month. 

Carmine Infantino


Loved as much as hated, Carmine Infantino may have made some mistakes as DC editor but his art is praise worthy even for his biggest critic.He was the artist who brought us The Flash and one half of the duo that ushered in the comic book silver age. This is no doubt a historic loss to the industry. He was also a pioneer for the Star Wars comics, as his art work boosted their sales. The bridge builder of the Golden and Silver age of comics (as current DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio called him), left the world at the age of 87 on April 4th. Leaving behind an essential legacy that charted the greatest phase of comic book history.  

Roger Ebert

Renowned film critic Roger Ebert also passed away on April 4th. A critic who was constantly polarizing due to his opinions against video games and genre movies while also being a stellar critic of movies and the film industry system. Personally of the many reviews of his I have read, Ebert is noticeably superb at writing but sometimes it's hard to agree with his opinions. Not only that but Ebert also had constant health issues and battles against cancer, which caused the loss of his voice. He still kept writing, showing a driving will which only a rare few could hope to have.

Anyhow, his passing is a big blow on the collection of film critics. So to Ebert I say, thank you for making us see some movies in ways we wouldn't have and also rest in peace. 

'Nuff Said

Aneesh Raikundalia

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