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Monday, 24 March 2014

Batfleck: A Future Batman Franchise Fan Cast

Batman Fan Cast

A lot has been said and tried about the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman. I'm intrigued about it, and not in any form opposed against it.


While I don't care much for Affleck's acting skills, the way I guess it goes is that Ben has possibly been contracted for multiple movies. This means a new Batman franchise. Then who would helm this franchise but Affleck himself, over the course of three films and half a decade Ben Affleck has proven to be a masterful director and more competent at that job then at performing. 

Look through his directorial work, and if you know Batman well enough; think about each aspect of his prior directorial films, and you see a pattern, a sort of path of destiny that leads right into why Affleck was the best choice at least as a director.

Do note Affleck has mentioned that if he is directing any films down the line, he will be the leading man. With fan at his throats and him being Batman, he has a chance to prove his worth if he decides to lead the franchise in front and behind the camera.

I know, I know he hasn't yet said anything about directing but neither have Warner Bros. and DC about future Batman films yet you know it's in the back of their minds. A 2 time Oscar Winner and popular director taking on a superhero, they can already imagine the Benjamins rolling in if Affleck picks off from the sequel to Man of Steel. There's a reason why I had Affleck pegged as director even back when I wanted Ryan Gosling as Batman. 

The big roadblock though is Man of Steel 2, AKA Batman vs. Superman. Too many characters, odd casting choices and Zack Snyder. Every little thing plagues the nerd masses about this film, but there's no denying the grandeur of the occasion. Even with the MCU and Marvel coming to the fore, there's no denying that this event rivals the coming of The Avengers simply because it is the two most iconic superheroes together for the first time on screen. It's an unparalleled move in modern pop culture history. It's long overdue, it has the pressure on it but I'm sure it will deliver. 

A few facts or ideas to take in as well;

-If Batman vs. Superman does bomb in any aspect, critically or financially then it's over for DC and WB's prospects. Marvel is at it's pinnacle and breaking them requires some serious muscle

-Between now till the release date of the film, there's a line up of these superhero films; Captain America 2, X-Men 7, Amazing Spider-Man 2 (overall 5), Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers 2, Ant-Man and on the same date as BVS; Captain America 3. That's 7 films, not to mention other unannounced features, non-superhero cbm's and nerd movies. By that time the fad could get to an all time low, and fans might just get tired of all the superhero nonsense. The movie versions can't all be serialized like comics, to keep you entertained for a number of years. Mind you fatigue will set in, and BVS could ring as just too little too late of a hollow event. 

-Affleck's films in question have aspects of Detective Work (Gone Baby Gone), hints of intense dramatic crime noir (GBG and The Town), he has a visually well versed intuition (action scenes from Town and Argo) and more that just fit the Batman mold perfectly.

-The casting of Affleck lends another visionary helping hand to Zack Snyder along with Christopher Nolan, it gives a chance for DC/WB to move fresh as Nolan can move on and Affleck if game can take over as the godfather for the franchises. After all Batman is the leader. With the likely departures of A-Listers Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe, Affleck can add a lot of casual butts in the seat. 

-Fun Fact: In A Way Affleck becomes the first man to play both Superman and Batman on screen. He portrayed George Reeves (the actor to don the Superman mantle in the 1950's TV show Adventures of Superman) in Hollywoodland. Now he gets to tackle the Bat.

So I'm not pissed with the Batman casting, heck the BVS casting as a whole. I am a bit skeptical of whether Affleck can give a stellar performance, but with a character as complex backing him I don't see why not. Even Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman worries me a bit, not to mention the Rock playing Green Lantern rumors. 

This post however is for something else, it looks towards a future Batman franchise built around the Argo director. From his family to his enemies. 

But first a few rules...

-Jason Todd as Robin will be older than Dick Grayson, but he will have come second hence fuelling a bit of his anger being a junior to a man he is older to. 

-The BVS movie states that this is an older and wiser Batman, he is most likely estranged with Grayson (who's possibly Nightwing) and the arrival of Superman most likely pushes him back to full time action

-We have no news on whether the quickly building DC TV Universe is linked to the movies, Arrow has failed to mention anything regarding Metropolis and 2013's Man of Steel events. I'm hoping though that it is part of the universe as both Grant Gustin but especially Stephen Amell deserves to be a part of the Justice League film

-As such, in my fan cast here; the Arrow and the whole CW side of the TV universe is applicable. That includes The Flash, Hour Man and iZombie (which obviously will be in a separate universe) shows but excludes Gotham and Constantine with Preacher being another like iZombie that would never meld in the first place

So let's get on with the fan cast...


Batman has been cast, and Jeremy Irons is also set to play Alfred. Another casting is done with Steven R. McQueen supposedly set to play Nightwing on Arrow. Now onto the other uncast Bat helpers roles.

Aaron Paul as Jason Todd/Robin II/Red Hood

As I said earlier I want an older Todd to Dick Grayson. Why, because this fuels the second Robin's rage filled drive to strive harder as Batman's side-kick since he is playing junior to a man (and actor) nearly a decade younger than him. The good thing is with the rumored timeline, for the first few films we can already find out that Todd died by the hands of Joker, this removes any scenes of Paul in Robin spandex and prevents DC from having to show a graphic death scene from the comics or from recreating it but not being faithful due to the PG rating of the film. 

Paul does angry and driven anti-hero really well, he would be a force to reckon with as a lost and a vengeance bent villain when Todd returns from the dead as The Red Hood. With rumors also flying of a Nightwing TV series, Red Hood could form as the primary antagonist for the show. Although the question would rise as to whether Paul would commit himself to another show so quickly after meteoric rise from Breaking Bad. TV though would be the best platform for a character like Hood to develop a redemption arc and jump start into an Outlaws/Titans film. 

Or Hood could just remain a misguided villain for a Batman film, bringing a new major villain or anti-hero for a future Batman project and adding a different dimension of pathos to Batman's face offs against him in a feature length movie.

Beyond the small description above, I don't think I need to mention much about Paul's skills as an actor. Just watch Breaking Bad. 

Logan Lerman as Tim Drake/Red Robin

To me Lerman screams Drake, he doesn't look as old as he is (22) and seems to exude the aura of a very technologically smart person without falling into a geeky trope. Lerman has a franchise to his name with Percy Jackson but it doesn't seem to be making the box office or critical dents it should. He's got other projects lined up, and is set to alter his boyish image with a turn as a soldier in this year's Brad Pitt starer Fury, so action is a go. 

Lerman could fit into the movie universe and take his chops to the small screen occasionally as the leader of a Teen Titans TV show, something I'm hoping for. Drake would also be a Bat family character who could gain development from a TV show much better than a movie, simply because I cannot see a Robin movie franchise working on it's own. Maybe a Robin's' movie, but not just one alone. 

Asa Butterfield as Damian Wayne/Robin

Questions arise whether last year's Ender's Game will get a sequel, and whether 16 year old Asa Butterfield would get a chance to headline a franchise. For now Butterfield is a placeholder, simply because of the way casting works. It's questionable when if ever Damian Wayne would be introduced to movie mythology, he could already be out there in the Affleck world. With Arrow affirming the idea of Ra's Al Ghul in the midst, then his other daughter Talia can't be far. 

The mother of Batman's son, she could have had the child already since we know Batman has been active for years. But then the character could appear three to four films later, that's somewhere 8 years down the line (mind you that also affects the casting of the other lot). For now like before I'm taking into account the now of things, I cannot cast an actor who I want playing 16 in 2021 right now since they would most likely need to be 8-12 and finding actors that young is hard. So for now I take it as if the movie would release today. 

At such it brings me to Asa Butterfield, a young marvellous actor who can portray naivety (Hugo) yet also be tough (Ender's Game). Unlike his counterparts he would need to be with Batman to have his weapon for the League to hero with father arc be completed, as such Butterfield would flourish on screen. Paul and Lerman typecast perfectly fit their roles, Butterfield with his I'm a good boy eyes would and probably would prove his worth with a role way different than his looks. Still with the mischief he wrought in Hugo, I could see him as sneaky and full of snark if cast.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle

Okay so I know I cast her as Wasp for the Ant-Man films, but with Paul Rudd now set to play the Ant-Man (that to the Scott Lang version), I'm not sure who or in which time period Wasp will be. Hank Pym's Ant Man has been cast as Michael Douglas, and a period setting one possibly being Patrick Wilson (see I got one thing right). Sorry, back to topic. 

Granted Winstead is a very focused actor who is sinking her teeth into meaningful Indie leading roles, this studio franchise could propel her to new heights. First physical attributes, she has red hair that just makes her Barbara Gordon for me. 

Now onto the more vital things, once again being in a more veteran Batman era this would mean that Gordon is more likely the wheelchair bound Oracle. Rumors swell over the idea of a Birds of Prey TV show arriving with Caity Lotz and Jessica De Gouw reprising their roles from Arrow as Canary and Huntress. Although yes those rumors point to Emily Bett Rickards joining them in the Oracle role as Felicity, if the shows decide to link with the movies then they might want to keep in comic continuity and have Barbara Gordon's Oracle with them. For me personally, I would rather want a Birds of Prey film franchise. The old BoP TV show failed, and this way a film franchise would space out the three girl's adventures together and keep their arcs separately different and then something else as a team like with The Avengers in the MCU. Plus having an all female team movie franchise would be so awesome. 

On another front, Winstead would then be a guest star in a Teen Titans show, have her own film franchise with the Birds and be able to be a major supporting player for Affleck's Batman in his film franchise. Basically playing a position like Johansson's Black Widow from the MCU. Taking her as Oracle would give her a physically struggling performance, allowing Winstead to prove her acting chops. Then an arc around the Titans show and BoP films could see her trying to gain back the use of her legs, to be Batgirl once again like she was (shown in flashbacks). 

Emma Roberts as Stephanie Brown/Spoiler/Batgirl II

To me Emma Roberts is a talented enough actor who has been content playing muted supporting roles and simply coasting under the name of her family and hiding in the shadows of her Aunt; Julia Roberts. If she tried harder, I can see her being the next American Sweetheart. Her recent foray into television has yielded an interesting result, with her stellar performance in the anthology series American Horror Story.  Apart from that she was rightly understated in We're The Millers. 

I can see her bringing some of that spunk from her performances onto her chemistry with Logan Lerman's Tim Drake, eventually turning dark to play Spoiler and then getting rewarded with the Batgirl mantle. 

Maybe a sub plot of the Batman film could revolve around her taking the Robin costume prior to Damian and messing up, causing her death like in the comics and making Bat's question his family. Specifically something like this alienating Tim Drake, allowing for Damian's entry next. Then also making Batman leave Oracle dry, since she would have been the one to have presented Stephanie with the Batgirl mantle in the Titans show/ BoP movies first thus causing Winstead's Oracle to try get her legs working. I know it's a bit like a Girl in the Refrigerator thing, but in this case her death would provide stellar development for the Bat Family as a whole rather than just Batman. 

Bryan Cranston as Commissioner Gordon

I maintained from early on that more than Lex Luthor, Cranston would be a better fit as Commissioner Gordon. Simply from the looks alone with the beard and his real hair. Then the fact that somehow Gordon did wonders for Gary Oldman's career, allowing him to play a heroic character when he had become typecast as a villain. Cranston required massive development the kind only TV can provide to prove himself a despicable figure, granted now we see him that way; but then Gordon would once gain remove him from being typecast as a dishonorable anti-hero/villain that Luthor would have painted him as. 

Plus Cranston has worked with Ben Affleck. Their few scenes in Argo highlighted to me a great rapport that would work for the films. He'd be a mega franchise player, a presence in the Batman as well as Birds of Prey films. Not to mention TV appearances for the rumored Nightwing show. As Lex he would be two decades far from age against Henry Cavill's Superman. 

Here he fits just fine, as that stellar character actor giving the Batman films a great performance to build the supporting characters around.

There's a few other players in the Bat Family to cast. Batgirl III, Azrael but msot importantly Lucius Fox, I cannot think of anyone except Morgan Freeman. Anyways onto the favorite bit...

The Villains

Casey Affleck as Joker

Okay so let's face it, there cannot be a Batman film series without Joker making an appearance. Now no one will ever top Heath Ledger's performance, and they shouldn't try either. 

This casting here might smell a bit like nepotism, but think about it. Seeing the Affleck brothers interact on screen the first time together since Good Will Hunting, wont it be awesome? 

Ben Affleck as director extracted one if not the best performance from his younger brothers career. 

They could alternate helming the films, Casey Affleck in his own right is a director. Although his direction was good, it resulted in a bad film like the ill advised I'm Still Here.

He is an expressive actor which the Joker needs, and does crazy well. Just watch him in The Assassination of Jesse James with the Coward Robert Ford, it's a crazy turn that is obsessive and neither showy nor too subtle. It's also a slow burn which shows how well the younger Affleck can develop and craft a character on screen, if ever they decide to show the Joker's origins extensively. Plus the way he smiles and grins, it just freaking screams under the surface sinister. Then there's his turn as the sociopath in The Killer Inside Me, which sees him as a depraved killer and physical abuser giving way for his style of work if ever there's a Harley Quinn.  If he does need to go a bit showy, an example would be his blow out against Christian Bale in last years Out of The Furnace and emotionally powerful example of his acting chops. He also seems to tinge with a bit of good comic timing. 

All in all, the way Affleck builds haunting layers to his characters and utilizes them makes him a performer I would want to see as the Joker. 

Michael Pitt as Harvey Dent/Two Face

The first of many actors cast from the epic HBO show Boardwalk Empire. Michael Pitt looks like a dashing rogue enough so to play the hard ball playing honest lawyer Harvey Dent. Factor in his performance in the aforementioned Boardwalk as Jimmy, he portrays a man haunted by the past and does so with such natural brilliance and attention to detail he could bring the same to Dent's darker back-story that urges his turn to Two Face mentally as much as the physical scarring.  This story being the abuse he faced under his alcoholic father, who used the two sided coin as a sick game to perpetrate the beatings. 

I also like the idea of the coin becoming a singular entity for Two Face in a sequel, where we see the extent of his dependency on it. I'm sure Pitt could pull this off as well. The good thing with Pitt's age is that he can portray the young unblemished Harvey from the start and we can get a full on Two Face origin film, rather than most villains who will need to have been established in this aged Batman universe. His age also allows him to create better rivalries with the first two Robins, an affinity Two Face has in the comics. But more importantly it also creates that zingy issues he has with younger Bat sidekick Red Robin. 

Of course in Boardwalk, Pitt is also able to play the suave gangster trying to break into being the Kingpin and he could do the same with Two Face in Gotham city. Pitt's natural charisma and alluring screen presence, coupled with his acting prowess would allow Two Face the chance to be a solo villain in a Batman film. This is something the second biggest Batman villain, and Bruce's initial failure deserves. The character for such scope demands an actor of high caliber and Michael Pitt is just the right man for the job. 

Paul Sparks as Edward Nygma/Riddler

Rounding out the major Batman villain trio is Riddler, to me perfect fit for another Boardwalk actor in Paul Sparks. He's relatively the same age as Affleck, allowing for this to have been an old rivalry between Batman and the Detective E Nygma who eventually bursts when the Bat solves all his cases and turns into the Riddler to torment the man himself. 

Riddler needs to be a bit vicious, but still retain that comical quality of his. Basically be this genius when turning on his Riddler mode, yet be a pompous delusional fool who thinks he's better than the Dark Knight. I like the idea of adding in Alex Ross's back story about the Riddles being a skewed way of him telling the truth, after years of physical abuse from his father. But if Two Face's dark back story is to remain intact, then using a similar premise for Riddler would be useless. The important thing is to just play up his intellectual rivalry with Batman. 

Why Paul Sparks? Well once again I'd suggest you watch Boardwalk Empire, the bowler hat and stick he carries fit Riddler physically, the hilarious Paul Sparks laugh is such a mustache twirling villain like thing that it would suit the Riddler, then there's the way in which he carries his character Mickey Doyle as this know it all, arrogant fool who thinks too highly of himself. Paul Sparks could easily be the zany Riddler to compliment Affleck's blunt Batman. 

Paul Dano as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow

Just look at Paul Dano, he's got that wiry frame and gives off a really creepy vibe. Factor in his voice, it's a bit of a raspy delivery when ever his character becomes overtly emotional, and Dano is a perfect fit for Scarecrow. One of the most underrated character actors today, people tend to forget that Dano held his own against master thespian Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood. He could be used sparingly, since I don't see Scarecrow being a major villain but if possible his addition can seep into a Birds of Prey film. This could help simulate the flashbacks of the horrific incident that causes Barbara the loss of her legs.

Dano is such a fine actor I could see him doing the awkward Scarecrow poems, and even making them seem plausible. 

Evangeline Lily as Selina Kyle/Catwoman

As much as I would like to see Lily join The Avengers as Wasp, as rumors suggest. She would make a damn perfect Catwoman, she's got the looks and the talent to back it up. Her heroic portrayal of Tauriel was one of the highlights of last years Hobbit film. She shows she can move and be a fighter and feisty as well. The only question is whether the villainous aspect can be accomplished. I think so.

She fits the mold of the tough street smart Selina, who at the start of this franchise would still be a thief but with a robin hood style purpose. I'm hoping to have the franchise begin at a point where the after years of the retired Bat, the resurgent breed of street gangsters along with Carmine Falcone are dying. Selina's arc will involve her trying to find her true lineage in an adaptation of Batman: Long Halloween. 

This will eventually lead to her own film franchise, which will be the breakout moment a talent like Lily deseves. 

Olga Kurylenko as Talia Al Ghul

First of all let me just say, I recently watched Terrence Malick's To The Wonder, and Olga and Affleck's chemistry was really good. It's what I believe a very important prerequisite of the relationship between the characters of Talia and Bruce. 

Second thing, Olga is French like with Marion Cottilard who played Talia in Dark Knight Rises. Yet Kurylenko looks exotic enough to seem shades of Arabian and Indian descent, that I believe the character of Talia (Arabian because she is so in the comics, and Indian because of my casting for Ra's). 

Of course this is most likely a placeholder casting, if Arrow is to merge with the larger Movie Universe then I'm not sure if an actor constantly on film and that too in two languages would be a major player on TV, although she was on Magic City for 16 episodes. It is possible, but also not probable since I'm sure the show runners already have someone in mind. 

That's still counting that DC TV and DC Movie are connected. 

Beyond the physical, Kurylenko is an actor who has grown from strength to strength. Watch her in Quantum of Solace and then in To The Wonder, and you see a greater difference in her performance (without acknowledging scope).

Christina Hendricks as Poison Ivy

Okay so she's got the red hair, and her sensual, seductive but powerful turn as Joan on Mad Men screams Ivy. Let's just say, she would be far better than Uma Thurman was. 

Hendricks 'full figure' healthy body, her voluptuousness gets the credit it deserves, but it's taken away the limelight away from something much more important about her; her acting. Over the course of seven seasons, she has grown leaps and bounds as a performer and juggled the many aspects of Joan with utter brilliance. 

While Poison Ivy might be close to some of the traits Joan has, the understanding Hendricks has of a complex and well rounded character means she can bring a lot to the table in making this a compelling villain. 

Ivy in the films will be a minor villain though, I've never seen her as someone who can fit in Batman's world in a solo aspect that well. Although her presence could produce a thematically heavy film regarding the force of nature and global warming.

Jonah Hill as Oswald Copplebot/Penguin

Here me out on this one, I know how I said that Wolf of Wall Street was easy for Hill to perform; I said it because he had shown that he had the comedic chops to easily play that role. Beyond that Hill is far from a terrible actor, yes he does the same thing in most movies but when pushed he is brilliant. 

Scrosese molded Hill's style of comedy into working for the film, Moneyball is proof that Hill has chops to play it low key and finally his turn as an exaggerated version of himself felt distinct in it's own right. Hill would be simple genius as Penguin, part cackling fiend and part laughable idiot, but at the end not as funny as you would think. For him it would allow the stretching of his acting abilities in a whole other venue. 

Penguin would have been this big gangster already, and the merger between the freaks of new and gangsters of old. A lot can be played up in his interactions with Michael Pitt's Two Face, as the two would constantly collide. Their different acting style's and backgrounds would create a perfect disjointed chemistry.

Irrfan Khan as Ra's Al Ghul


That's right, resident Indian thespian and one of the fines actors in the world today; Irrfan Khan. Khan is sublime as a villain, and in the past few years he's obviously raked up the acclaim enough so that he can be a deserving leading man. But beyond everything else, Khan is simply terrific and terrifying as a villain on celluloid even in the confines of a shoddy script; he stands out. 

I make no bones when I state the fact that Khan is the most terrific actor in Bollywood today, so his presence in Hollywood while diminished has been fun to see. Now though, it's time for him to run full steam ahead with a large role that could in itself craft an arc for a set of Batman films. 

Ra's is going to be as he is in the comics, right down to the tee. A man who lost everything he had and took the power of the Lazarus Pit, to become something much more than before. Khan could easily pull of the pathos and with a touch of help look the part of a world weary man and a father. 

Once again the question of TV and Movie combined universes would come to play. Unless Arrow avoids to ever show Ra's to the public then Khan might not be the man up to playing the part. 

Still this a casting choice purely based on my fandom for the actor. 

Jason Momoa as Bane

Maybe it's because I'm such a fan of Tom Hardy (Bane in DKR) that unlike with Ledger's Joker, it's hard for me to replace or see anyone else in the role even if they were to play it like the comic book counterpart. 

Mamoa is a placeholder because my first choice; Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, is likely set to play either Lobo or Green Lantern for DC in the near future. So for now Mamoa is a strong placeholder, until I can find a juiced up actor especially a South American or an exotic one.

Jack Huston as Mr. Freeze

Another Boardwalk cast member. At first I thought Huston would be perfect for Two-Face considering for the past seasons he has been literally playing a character with half a face. Then I looked closer, and remembered everything I could about his subtle and brilliant turn as Richard Harrow. A man haunted by the war and obviously way past the point of salvation (which he truly knows in his heart), a soft spoken and determined lover with a poignant arc. 

Huston as Harrow reminded me of the pathos that define Mr. Freeze. A character who was butchered so terribly by Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin that he never bounced back. 

Beyond the camp and the Bat-Nipples, the reason I venomously despise B and R is because of how easily it took a wonderfully crafted character and turned him into a punchline. Mr. Freeze's episode in Batman the Animated series called 'Heart of Ice' is what drew me to the character, it was the epitome of my childlike wonder and one of the most powerful reasons why I want to do what I do. 

So who better than an actor to play that role in that same way, then Jack Huston whose portrayal brought me another taste of such a moment. Mr. Freeze's back story made me cry as a child, and Richard Harrow's death did the same just last year. 

Ben Kingsley as Hugo Strange

As long as it doesn't turn out that Hugo Strange is not a psychiatrist but an actor playing the role on screen (*wink* Iron Man 3 joke *wink*) then Ben Kingsley would be perfect as the nefarious psychiatrist and villain who knows Batman's identity. 

I mean just look at the two pictures their a perfect fit. Now this time he can go full blown crazy and villainous like I thought he would in...Shutter Island (were you expecting IM3?)...where he played a psychiatrist, who I thought would turn out as the villain of the piece. 

Strange would be introduced like he is in the comics with a bit of a tweak. He's been an employee at Arkham, and when news spreads of Batman's return he tries to use the Dark Knight's popularity in his favor. He runs a smear campaign and proves himself one of those TV 'psychiatrists'. Eventually his obsession takes new heights, when he begins to break the puzzle of Batman's identity. 

This could be melded with the idea from Steve Englehart's Strange Apparitions, when Strange has to contend against villains who want to know the Caped Crusaders identity. Strange would then eventually be incarcerated, but would never spill the beans for Batman saving his life. 

These could be two parters, or the smear campaign could be an added sub plot to another Batman film. A sequel after the smear campaign would be Strange's experimentation that creates his monster men including Killer Croc. Then the Strange Apparitions adaptation. 

Still the fact that IM3 shows Kingsley's still got it means more. 

Michael K Williams as Waylon Jones/Killer Croc

First of all that scar across his face. 

Williams is the last Boardwalk actor on the list (for now). He's perfect fit to Croc, he seems like a guy who can fight. He has the scar as I said, and he brings a softness to his gangster roles specifically to Omar Little from The Wire that would fit with the kind of thing Croc is turned into due to Strange's experimentation. It could lead to a sort of Croc turning on Strange idea at the end of the film wherever he's featured in. 

Plus I really also like Williams. 

Ben Foster as Roman Sionis/Black Mask

An unappreciated actor for an underrated villain.

While Ben Foster plays gloriosuly unhinged perfectly such that he would fit Riddler or even Joker, he also has the tenacity to be a brooding and very disturbing character when need be. 

Black Mask warrants an actor who can keep it real (such as not realizing the giant black skull on your face and head) yet be vicious and exude unreal amount of disgust just due to his back story. Black Mask would be a recurring mention as another gangster in the power-play struggle for Gotham's underworld. 

His biggest role would be in a gangster based film that would see Batman take out the competition allowing for his rise in power. This would lead to the Under the Hood story where Jason Todd's return as Red Hood would contest his control. 

Foster on the other hand is a gem of an actor, and it would be fun to see him try his hand once again at a comic book movie after his fun turn in The Punisher and bland showing as Angel in X-Men 3. 

Rooney Mara as Harley Quinn

Once again this is a left field choice. 

For the amount of screen time they had together; Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara had some scintillating chemistry that dissected their very loving relationship driving the core narrative in Ain't Them Bodies Saints. 

Obviously in the case of Joker and Harley, the dynamic is a bit different. Recently I got the chance to catch Side Effects starring Mara, and the portions where she acted crazy while not so overblown were intriguing viewing in making my decision. She also had a great repartee with Catherine Zeta Jone as lovers, this could maybe help with her chemistry with Poison Ivy. 

For the movies, I would like Harley to be more of a goth punk groupie for the Joker who becomes his abused sidekick. While I know Harley Quinn is in Arrow, there's a part of me that hopes she isn't allowed to be a major player there such that I get this Harley and I get Arrow in the movie universe. 

It's just I want to have my cake and eat it too. 

Mara's delivery is a bit different to what Harley would sound like though, so I don't know if dubbing would work. 

But let's get back to the point, Harley would be a Joker groupie turned sidekick, who would then branch out with Ivy until finally joining the Suicide Squad from Arrow. 

Still Mara's mostly a placeholder in case Arrow confirms the Man of Steel continuity and introduces their own Harley Quinn. Just as long as we hear 'Mistah J!' on screen. 

Paul Schneider as Tommy Elliot/Hush

A few years ago I watched The Assassination of Jesse James starring Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck. It had an all star cast with some mind blowing performances, as such my eye went to the underdog who didn't credit as much as the others; Paul Schneider. 

It was a small role, but when Schneider's Dick Lidill waxes poetic about his encounter with a woman, Schneider had me snared. His delivery is smooth and stature suave as such a terrific fit for Tommy Elliot. 

A few years later he would dazzle me once again in Bright Star as the friend to the lead protagonist. He just screamed the best friend material, something Bruce needs in the movies for a lengthy time before...dun dun dun!

Elliot stabs him in the back and reveals his real self; the villainous Hush.

Batman Hush storyline can be adapted much better by keeping Elliot as a cameo friend of Bruce's then eventually making a big splash in his own movie that allows Batman some detective work. It could be great character work, when Batman realizes the betrayal after already being guilty for Dent's transformation into Two Face and Jason's death. 

I would just love to see Paul Schneider do something much more awesome than crap like The Babymakers. 

A few other villains:

 Zsasz-Robert Knepper. I know he was Clock King on Arrow but it would be fun too see Teabag as the killer who crosses every death out on his body
Ventriloquist-Andy Serkis. He would play both Arnold Wesker the meek quit man and do voicing and if need be motion capture for his Puppet gangster (you heard read me!); Scarface.

Calendar Man-Toby Jones. The man that commits crimes by the calendar, and integral part of the storyline that turned Harvey into Two Face and would play a part when he resurfaces

Jermiah Arkham-Steve Buscemi. A regular on all the Batman based shows that DC should produce in continuity (Nightwing, Birds of Prey) as well as the movies. He would be the big threat when Batman is forced to enter Arkham Asylum in one film

The gangsters such as Sal Maroni and Carmine Falcone can be anyone, I could care less. I'm also not sure for who to cast as Bruce Wayne's girlfriends like Vicki Vale and such. Cops like gangsters can be anyone, know idea who would suit Renee Montoya. 

I will also write another piece of what I would like the franchise to look like in chronology and get an idea for certain comic adaptations. Problem is the whole Batman is retired idea kind of kills a lot of things, I don't think DC had thought this through that well. 

'Nuff Said 

Aneesh Raikundalia    

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