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Monday, 11 March 2013

Rorschach Reviews: Age of Ultron 1

Rorschach Reviews

Loki's Latest 

Comic book: Age of Ultron No. 1

Creative Team: Writer-Brian Michael Bendis
                          Art-Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary
                          Cover-Bryan Hitch

Release Date: 6th March 2013

Score: 8.5/10

Pros:-Focus on Hawkeye, a character who's power set and skills actually make the best sense in a survival zone. Bendis makes him quite heroic.
        -Surprise gelling between Spider-Man and Hawkeye, two characters I really don't remember connecting much.
        -Bryan Hitch lay out some magnificent long shot and spreads of art
        -Homage cover to Avengers Ultron Unlimited
        -Fun to see a bleak universe where Avengers have given up (since the seminal Kang Dynasty arc), normally the bleak future universe stories are saved for the X-Men
        -Bare minimum revelation on how the Ultron came to take over the Avengers. Keeping the mystery intact.
        -It's not your typical Marvel comic event 

Cons: -Bare minimum revelation on how the Ultron came to take over the Avengers. It doesn't help new readers, and even though it starts from the beginning the book isn't actually reader friendly.        
          -It seems more like an Ultron story for long time Avengers fans. Once again not reader friendly, casual readers don't even get a chance to know why Ultron is the greatest Avengers villain

Memorable Quote: "And I told you that I'm not giving up on what is left of our friends, no matter what...we're going to die anyhow and I'd much rather live that life the way I want to...and I'm not going to let what happened change the value of my life. And shame on the rest of you, shame on you for giving up."-Hawkeye, having saves Spider-Man he takes him to the Avengers hideout. The other dissaprove of his heroics, having given up long ago.

Memorable Panel: Captain America slouched, burying his head into his hands. His clothes are tattered and from Hawkeye's comments it seem the Avengers leaders has lost all hope. 

Plot: Hawkeye is a survivor in a bleak future ruled by Ultron, he is off on a mission to save Spider-Man. Spider-Man has been captured by the Owl-Man and Hammerhead, the low life surviving villains sell of heroes to the Ultron minion robots in favor of staying in their building. Hawekeye saves Spider-Man, only to face resistance from the Avengers who are a little reserved about their heroics. They need to know that either heroes have not been affected by an Ultron virus. Hawkeye questions why every hero has given up and asks whats the plan, Iron Man assures him that Captain America has a plan. The same Captain that looks like his given up. 


The story by Brian Michael Bendis really begins on a high note, the bleak future seems reminiscent of X-Men's sentinel ruled Days of Future Past. Ultron's take over is little explored and that builds the mystery of this event, it's a superb change from previous events where the big issues are established at the start. However this means that the book becomes more for the followers of Avengers and Brian's run. There's no introduction to what Ultron is and the fact that casual readers will not see him in this issue, means they won't understand why he is considered the greatest Avengers villain. 

One of the best parts from the issue comes from the use of Hawkeye. The slick bow and arrow wielder has been on the rise since the Avengers flick, although his character didn't get much screen time or the characteristic traits of a smarmy fighter. Since Hunger Games, Arrow and Brave made the bow and arrow trendy, Hawkeye has got his own terrific comic. Here Bendis gives him the heroic role and elevates him above as on of the best and most important Avengers, a role I feel he hasn't played since a long time. 

Score: 8/10


The art has a dynamic cinematic feel, Hitch uses long shots and spreads in the book bringing to life the future Ultron ruled world. It's sensational and a fantastic way to look at the Avengers and their greatest enemy. He also has a good grasp on character based panels, from the poignant look at Captain America and the other characters who've given up, secondary villains who are lost and Hawkeye and possibly Spider-Man as the last true heroes standing. 

Score: 9/10

P.S: From now on this is how my reviews will go to shorten the length (so I don't have to write much) and make it more easier to read and identify. 

P.P.S: I have been quite busy and hence this may just be my last review for quite some time, I will add small data like at the top of the review for each book I read on the week on the Wonder Woman Weekly post. Sorry but I can't bother (read: too lazy). Anyhow if I feel a book deserves it, I will review right this way. Not to fret though, my promised articles on the Avengers and X-Men will continue as well as reviews for any movies I have a chance of viewing. 

Avengers Assemble!

Aneesh Raikundalia    


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