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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Rorschach Reviews: FF 2 Marvel NOW!

Rorschach Reviews

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Rorscach's Journal, 19th December 2012: "No one seems to understand...Johnny Storm was stuck with them. Now he's stuck them!!!" Book: FF No.2 Marvel NOW!

Creative Team: Writer-Matt Fraction
                          Art-Michael Allred
                          Colors-Laura Allred
                          Letterer-Clayton Cowles
                          Cover-Michael Allred and Laura Allred

Release Date: 19th December 2012

Score: 9/10

Pros:-Hilarious comedy and splendid SciFi action, finally we get a proper Comic Book
        -Cartoon art drawn and colored brilliantly by the Allred duo
        -Fraction provides good characterization on a nervous leader in Scott Lang
        -The first battle for the new Fantastic Four mirrors the first Fantastic Four battle when facing against Mole Man and his underground monster
        -Huge surprise ending

Cons:-It's Future Foundation, this comic seems like it will have less emphasis of the Foundation kids which it generally is about

Main Events: The Fantastic Four leave with their kids for the space holiday, the heroes do not return after four minutes, media blasts the new Fantastic Four, Mole Man attacks, Ms. Darla is given the Thing bio suit and becomes Ms. Thing, Fantastic Four beat the mole man and his giant, Portal opens, Human Torch returns alone and blasts it so no one can come back, He claims in happiness that the FF will never return

Memorable Quote(s): "Ladies and gentlemen, for the next two hundred and forty seconds...we are the Fantastic Four"-Ant Man (Scott Lang)

Memorable Panel(s): Scott Lang-after the Fantastic Four leave-counts down to four minutes and once the time passes and they do not return, he retorts with an Uh-Oh. Hilarious expressions on She-Hulk make this a laugh out loud riot.
                                   Mole Man attacks, the scene is reminiscent of the first ever issue of Fantastic Four.
                                   As Fantastic Four fell the underground giant, it screams. Matt Fraction adds a nice touch of humor with subtitles that say; 'This was supposed to be my day off'
                                   Crazy Human Torch returns to Earth.

The Future is NOW! Finally, with Marvel NOW's initiative readers get a comic that isn't afraid to be funny, quirky and irresistibly charming. This according to some seems a continuation of Jonathan Hickman's FF and Fantastic Four run (I have not read it yet) so this for me is currently the fresh beginning of books that actually are comic in nature. It's high time the comic books actually had some fun from front to back, Fraction and Allred provide this zany science fiction tale in spades. Not only is this the best fun I have had with comics in years but also provides a roller-coaster ride of fast-paced action.

The scenes are all splendidly drawn and colored by the Allred team of husband and wife, my love for Allred's work goes back to his hilarious Doop and Wolverine mini-series. I would suggest any readers who love the cover to check it out as well as the offbeat celebrity mutants run X-Statix.

Mike Allred's X-Statix

It's also entertaining to see Ant-man take up a central lead role, his nervousness and twitchiness adds depth to what a different leader he is compared to Reed, who would always act as a jerk and be absent minded but somehow also confident. What I have loved about the new crop of Marvel books is their presentation of constantly reminding readers that unlike DC's New 52 their past matters, this is evident in accusations placed on Ant Man in being an ex-con.

The action is splendid, what I most loved was the call back given to the first Fantastic Four issue with a battle against Mole Man and his underground monster. It also provides good look into Scott's leadership as well as the standard roles each new member plays. A fun scene was witnessing Darla become Ms. Thing. It seems as though Matt Fraction is crafting his respectful appreciation of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee's legendary run through the new FF book. The surprise ending is also a nice added touch.

My only gripe is that there is less emphasis on the Future Foundation kids, which I believe is what the book is all about. But no matter FF is a thrilling fun time and I would suggest it to those looking for what a comic book really means. Hilarious and offbeat, only problem is I have to also get Fantastic Four to understand the story. Hopefully Matt Fraction can also make that as interesting.


Aneesh Raikundalia

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