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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Amazing Spider-Man 700



I really thought about how I was going to write this, my first way was to go through the typical Rorschach Review style, after all I have only been writing this blog for a week and going against format early on is not a good idea. 

Then I noticed, I couldn't give this book a score. It was impossible, the writing was great, the art was great, the plot was even great. The scope has been huge since issue 698 and the pay-off was no less in this one. Then I saw the book and it just sat there, dynamic yet flat, eccentric yet tame, then those ideas began to act as catalysts to my emotion. I was furious with Dan Slott and like others before, I prepared to send him my very own death threats. Then suddenly I considered his work brilliance, his writing a master stroke. But I still felt left hanging. 

Sorry I am blabbering on. I even forgot to warn you, those that do not read comics regularly; in essence this isn't an article for you, don't read it. I'm just painting my empty thoughts into a blank canvas. 

For those who are still here, you may or may not know this; this is the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man. He's just three years younger than my father, if he aged in real-time that is. This year saw the rejuvenation of his film franchise and the burial of the on-going comic that he has been a part of  in Amazing Spider-Man since 1962.

50 years we've seen the young man's uncle die, the countless villains emerge, the luck becoming worse, the hero being battered, making mistakes, causing deaths of loved one's. The love blooming, the enmity dying, friendship emerging, the marriage occurring, the aunt forgiving, the family of character's growing, the power strengthening and in turn the responsibility burdening. 

Yes, I know this is a comic and it's a Marvel. Eventually Peter's going to come back, it's good for buisness. Hell, he might still be there, somewhere deep inside, the moral guidance for the one led astray, the Uncle Ben to Otto's Peter.

There's a few things that define Spider-Man and can never in history be changed: Uncle Ben must remain dead, Spidey always let's the burgular go, Spidey doesn't save Gwen, Norman Osborn is his greatest villain, Peter and Mary Jane were meant to be (not even you can stop that Mephisto!), Spider-Man is the heart and soul of New York and one I always believed till now; Peter Parker will always live as long as there are children, teens and adults who follow him on his journey to take responsibility in using his power. 

But now no more, farewell Amazing Spider-Man, farewell Peter Parker, even now with you gone always remember you have Great Power so you still have Great Responsibility.

Always your Friendly Neighborhood

Aneesh Raikundalia

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