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Saturday, 19 March 2016

HIndie Awards 2016: Best VFX

Best VFX

Credit where credit is due, Baahubali had some stunning visuals. While at times the VFX did feel ropey, overall it was a genuine delight to see. The struggles of creating from scratch; a fascinating visually powerful world is no easy task and Baahubali makes great strides for Indian cinema in the Fantasy department however easy it is to spot the vfx in the film. 

Then there's works that require an authentic rebuild of a world long past us. It's not an easier task in any way despite that it has ready made references available through pain staking research for it. 

There's no way to really judge which is better, but one works wonders yet still falls flat by the standards [and budget] set by the other. 

In that case the latter wins, so here is winner of the HIndie Award for Best VFX...

Bombay Velvet, Prana Studios and Team!

With a mix of 3D animation reconstruction of 1960's Bombay and the use of Matte Painting to truly visual recapture exteriors of an iconic coming of age Bombay as well as the shading, coloring, texturing of interior and exteriors to imbue a period like quality to the look of the film. 

Bombay Velvet's VFX is a shining example of the daunting task taken by the below mentioned VFX team in visualizing Anurag Kashyap's vision to a tee. It's no doubt that the film hemorrhaged heavy losses, but with the stunning works these individuals have done together; it is no doubt their efforts require a loud applause. 

Vishal Tyagi ... special effects supervisor
Kunal Ahuja ... visual effects supervisor
Praveen Allu ... visual effects artist
Saurabh Arora ... digital compositor
Ananya Bose ... visual effects artist
Rashabh Butani ... compositor
Balachandar Chandrasekaran ... digital compositor
Gyandeep Das ... technical director
Devottam Dutta ... technical director
Pranav Gangapurkar ... visual effects artist
Ankush Gawande ... visual effects artist
Jitesh Naresh Ghase ... technical director
Goutham ... visual effects coordinator
Sandhya Jadhav ... visual effects supervisor / visual effects
Arudra Jaykar ... VFX Creative Director
Samapika Karmakar ... digital roto and paint supervisor: Prana Studio
Praveen Kilaru ... vfx producer
Aditya Kolli ... visual effects compositor
Amit Kumar ... digital compositor: prana studio
Gangaiwar Mahendra ... pipeline engineer
Nirmaljeet Singh Matharu ... texture artist
Anish H. Mulani ... VFX Executive Producer
Ram Mohan Nadam Reddy ... lead compositor
Sreenath Nair ... pipeline engineer
Jayaprakash P.J. ... surfacing artist
Irshad Patel ... digital compositor: Prana Studios (as Patel Irshad)
Shashi Patel ... technical director
Biplab Paul ... compositor
Chetan Rathod ... senior matchmove artist: Prana Animation Studios
Aatur Ravani ... lighting lead: Rhythm & Hues Studios
Vijay Bharath Reddy ... digital compositor
Mehma R. Sachdeva ... visual effects producer
Neville Emerson Samuel ... digital compositor
Viren Shah ... lighting td
Ravi Shekhar ... digital roto and paint supervisor: Prana Studio
Akshay Shrivastava ... vfx production manager
Viral Sompura ... technical director
Balakrishna P. Subaiah ... visual effects supervisor
Priyanka Telang ... matte painter
Narayana Murthy Tirunagari ... prep artist
Jayadev Tiruveaipati ... di colourist
Saujanya Veera ... shading technical director
Wineeth Wilson ... digital compositor 

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'Nuff Said

Aneesh Raikundalia

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