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Monday, 28 March 2016

HIndie Awards 2016: Best Actor [Female] in A Supporting Role [Comedy/Romantic]

Best Actor [Female] 

in a 

Supporting Role [Comedy/Romantic]



It hasn't been that great a year in terms of quantity, but the quality has sure been out of this world. 

Yes there is quite a few performances in the same film that shine, or the same expected actors that leave a mark. But that mark is like one great big whollop that just immerses the viewer into the film. 

Before that, take a look at those punches that were just a little to light;

Seema Pahwa for Dum Laga Ke Haisha: A former nominee, she doesn't get to do as much this time round but in this film, she's equally hilarious when she opportunity strikes.

Zarina Wahab and Anushka Sharma for Dil Dhadakne Do: Mention in Ensemble Cast

That's it...yeah!

Anyways here are the nominees for the HIndie Award for Best Actor [Female] in A Supporting Role [Comedy/Romantic]...

Tanvi Azmi as Radhabai for Bajirao Mastani

Evil incarnate wouldn't be the wrong word to use to describe Radhabai's relentless prejudice against Mastani [Padukone] and her love for Bajirao [Singh], her son. It's a role that clearly isn't one to make us if not sympathize, at least understand her point of view.

Yet, Azmi adds that emotional flair with her theatrical turn that makes the character much more complex then envisioned. In a key scene, she asks Bajirao not to let his relationship with Mastani be known. On a surface it is because of the religious politics at play, yet the expressions and evocation of the dialogue holds much more weight.

Her scene with her first daughter in law Kashi [Chopra] tells us why, she doesn't want this joy filled woman who she has come to look upon as a daughter to be hurt. In key scenes along with her co-nominee, she is able to echo her own pains of possible betrayal and her beliefs on the sad and necesarry roles a woman plays in a man's life in this world.

Bhansali always manages to give his woman stirring parts, because like us, he knows that Azmi is a talent who will uplift his material to greater levels. And he is not wrong, one bit.

Shefali Shah as Neelam Mehra for Dil Dhadakne Do

Pulling of the happy facade with a broken heart, Shefali Shah once again is living proof of what it means to be such a superb underrated talent.

A running gag of the film is Kamal's [Kapoor] frustration with her unhealthy eating habits. Later when she sees her husband flirting with a guest as he often does, probing deeper into the pains of their tulmoutous relationship, she resorts to stuffing herself with cake.

It's a phenomenal character beat, made all the more painful by her expressive eyes as she lingers on the frame; oozing a pain unheard by anyone else. It justifiably and intriguingly rounds out much of her role, in a re-watch exemplifying that the character is always at the back of Shah's mind and each tick is informed by this.

That is the definition of a lived in performance, of not just being in character but also becoming her.

Sheeba Chaddha as Nain Tara for Dum Laga Ke Haisha

Each barb or witty comment Chaddha makes towards Sandhya [Pednekar] in DLKH, is echoed with a small bark back at the world and the situation she is hopelessly crumbling in.

It's an interesting side character that could have managed a whole film, along with Chadda who is expectantly in form. Sadly that isn't how the world works, an actor of her caliber [and unfortunately age] isn't bound to land a leading role.

Yet whatever remains adds a nice dramatic flavor to the film. In her final moments Chaddha is able to let loose, effectively bringing the protagonists together. As she dictates her own failures and the quagmire she is stuck in due to the regressive ideologies of old and the pains a loveless life brings with it

Chaddha does what most actors cannot, she gets rid of the camera between her and the audience and strikes right at the heart.

Priyanka Chopra as Kashibai for Bajirao Mastani

In a year that has seen her become a global superstar, Priyanka Chopra manages to steal the thunder away from the most gorgeous Hindi film couple and make their epic love story on celluloid into one with a hovering dark cloud above it.

In a film that manages wonderfully to present the power of love in its beauty, Chopra manages to show its darker side as she is left by the wayside by her husbands heart. Hers crushed under his feet.

Initially she is a sprightly presence, very coy and demure and while her loyalty nor her softness changes. She relents, to become a firebrand with purpose and dignity. Her impassioned delivery, coupled with a nicely pitched accent and the energy she brings on screen makes her the true heart and soul of the film.

Our mouths may say Bajirao Matani but thanks to her towering performance, our heart bleeds for Kashibai.

[PS: Might I mention how great it is to see A-List female actors taking supporting roles in films tailored to other leading competitors. Priyanka does it here and Anushka returns the favor in Dil Dhadakne Do]

Moushumi Chatterjee as Chhobi Mashi for Piku

Bringing the Comedic in Romantic/Comedy in this category, Chatterjee is a subtle but hilarious board for Bachchan to land his darts on.

She makes a triumphant return to Hindi Cinema with a role in which she plays off well with some interesting chemistry between her and her co-actors, specifically of course none other than Amitabh Bachchan. Bachchan's Bhaskor never pulls punches when it comes to his sister in law and Moushumi takes it in stride.

The character playing both hurt, annoyed and irritating that it gives a laugh. Comedy for actors is about making a fool of themselves, in a film like Piku this is just too difficult to balance. The subtlety demands a simplicity but the comedy demands and idiocy as well.

Chatterjee pulls that of in style, specifically showing Bachchan how it's done. Now that's a performance.

And the Winner is...

Shefali Shah as Neelam Mehra for Dil Dhadakne Do!

So there it is, what a winner. The two Dil Dhadakne Do stalwarts complementing each other brilliantly. 

Up Next: A criminal seeking redemption, A violent elder brother tethered unquestionably to family, A man out for questions saddled with an arrogant detective, A best friend tested in his loyalty but always staunch and A brother with his own secrets while holding the family together...the HIndie Award for Best Actor [Male] in A Supporting Role [Drama]

'Nuff Said


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