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Saturday, 19 March 2016

HIndie Awards 2016: Best Costume Design

Best Costume Design

As the picture clearly suggests; you know the winner of this one. 

So let's get into it, right away. 

The HIndie Award for Best Costume Design goes to...
Manoshi Nath, Rushi Sharma and Manish Malhotra for Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!

Despite the noir fantasy vibe Banerjee creates of 1940's war time Calcutta, it's an absolute necessity that the costumes of the era remain grounded and authentic. 

Taking their collaborations to the next level; Nath and Sharma bring a palette that highlights the painstaking efforts they've put into the research of the era in order to capture the characters in a truthful setting. It's no joke that this year's academy named costume as an actors second skin, it's a truth. 
In this case it allows the performers to feel an authenticity to their world whether it be wearing the traditional dothi's [loin cloths] or the cotton scarfs, mufflers and even to the diva-esque gowns for femme fatale Angoori. 
Coming to that, the noir vibe is also maintained with the titular character occasionally garbed by a scruffy brown jacket, highlighting that detective nature that most overcoats would give. In retaliation the every man of the film Ajit, his reluctant partner is dressed in the every man dhoti clothes of a Calcutta man from back in the day.
Manish Malhotra then enters the fray to seamlessly stylize this film with his own expertise channeled in a challenging manner for the veteran designer, bringing a much needed pizzazz to the costuming. It's a great offset that helps the film. 
Speaking of collaborations, the costumes authenticity while speaking for themselves also happen to perfectly fit to the background just as the background fits to the film. Showing a well connected understanding between the costume department and the overall art department of the film.
An important understated quality much like this understated part of the film making process, that cannot be denied when there's such wonderful costuming at hand.    

So there you have it, the winner for Best Costume Design. 

Up Next: Which film builds an undeniably true atmosphere of its time and place, the underrated aspect of film making; The HIndie Award for Best Production Design.

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