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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rorschach Reviews: Justice League 17

 Rorschach Reviews

Loki's Latest

Comic Book: Justice League 17-Throne of Atlantis Finale

Creative Team: Writer-Geoff Johns
                          Art-Ivan Reis
                          Colors-Rod Reis and Nathan Eyring

Release Date:  20th February 2013

Score: 9/10

Pros:-Johns put's Aquaman center stage and really changes the hero in this arc.
        -Spectacularly crafted action with tough emotional beats
        -Menacing undertones end with the exploding final reveal
Cons:-In all cases, DC promised this issue as a conclusion to The Throne of Atlantis event. The surprise ending cut's short on a proper and whole conclusion for Aquaman (the lead character) and leaves things hanging for Johns next arc. 

Main Events: Dr. Shin reveals Vulko as the betrayer and perpetrator to the act's against Atlantis and America, Aquaman questions his leadership as he feels he is the cause for Orm's war against Earth, the Atlantis army subdues the reserve Justice League members, Orm and Aquaman battler whilst revealing their own inhibitions, Aquaman beats Orm and forces him to yield the throne, Vulko gives in, Aquman leads Atlantis and the Justice League against the trench, Aquman sends back the trench and imprisons Vulko, He also makes Orm go into exile in a human prison, Aquaman leaves to Atlantis but Mera stays, Boston mistrusts Aquaman, Waller pushes the JLA operation and the Justice League decide on new recruits beginning with Scarecrow!

Best Quote: "We open our ranks, It's time for recruitment...starting with the scarecrow!"-Batman, to the Justice League 

Best Panel: A long panel fitting in little TV like boxes presenting interviews on Boston people claiming to mistrust Aquaman post the Atlantis attack. 

Johns completes his latest and most wide reaching arc on the New 52 Justice League, he presents to avid readers and casual fan why even through all the jokes; Aquaman has remained a staple of the DC line for more than 7 decades. It is kind of a dissapointment that neither do the readers get a fully covered emotional closure to his arc and involvement in the war enacted. Aquaman's next few issues however, will plunder deep into the seas for his newly enacted status quot

The crux of the story lies in the final battle with Aquaman stuck between his lineage deep in Atlantis, his loyalties to the League and the fear of the oncoming swarm of The Trench. The shock reveal from the previous issue is easily discovered but, it's the method that allows Arthur to still see the seething hatred Orm has for humans even if one of the Atlanteans caused the war.

The final face off between the brothers is an interesting one and sheds new light on the remorseful King Arthur that Aquaman fears of becoming. There are a few tidbits regarding Mera's condition, either I missed something from prior Justice League and Aquaman issues or this is a secret left for another day. 

Ivan Reis never let's his art get into the way of the narrative, he keeps it simple. At times it feels good to see normal comic book art after being bombarded with stylistic pencils from Coipel (Avengers Marvel NOW!), Francis Yu (Indestructible Hulk) and Chiang (Wonder Woman New 52). That does not mean his art is just flat, in fact there's a dynamic sense of tension and drama as we see Aquaman beating down his younger brother. His also aptly supported by his other artists and colors team of Reis and Eyring in bringing an epic scope to the Atlantis take over's and the much more somber yet shocking conclusion.

The shocking conclusion which seems will be setting up Johns next explosive arc The Grid or maybe the heavily promoted Trinity War, he also leaves not stone unturned in defining Justice League perception in order to give reason to the newly released Justice League of America comic, whose review you can read here

PS: Warner Bros. If you ever decide to create an Aquaman movie or Aquaman in Justice League movie, then this would be an arc to mine and explore. Although it does seem a little close to The Avengers; Orm (Loki) takes over while Aquaman (Thor) and his Justice League (Avengers) stop him and his army and the trench (Chitauri) controlled by Vulko (Thanos). A little bit. 

'Nuff Said

Aneesh Raikundalia 


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