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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rorschach Reviews: Avengers 6 Marvel NOW!

Rorschach Reviews

Loki's Latest

Comic Book: Avengers 6 Marvel NOW!

Creative Team: Writer-Jonathan Hickman
                          Art-Adam Kubert
                          Cover-Dustin Weaver and Daniel Acuna 

Release Date: 20th February 2013

Score: 7/10

Pros: -Hickman constructs a really interesting character out of the confusing continuity of Captain Universe. 
         -There are some great comedic touches, the language deciphering of Iron Man on the creature created by Ex-Nihlo is hilarious.
         -There is also a sense of Marvel Universe building, Spider-Man is shown to be his superior version. It is hilarious to see his confusion among the placing and respect withing the Avengers and the Marvel heroes.
Cons: -While his art is sensational, Kubert falls short of the artistic expectations given from the first five issues by Jerome Opena.
          -The building of the MU is a double edged sword, it seems like a ploy just to present the timeline but also present the new spider-man's visibility and boost Superior Spider-Man's sales.
          -Hickman stated this as his book which would make the Avengers fight constant world ending threats. These usually are similar in tropes making the villains cliche and Hickman shows this in his final panels.  
Main Events: Shang Chi is trying to discover more about the host of Captain Universe's power, The host is said to be broken, Spidey on the other hand seems bossy, he starts eating others food without permission, At meditation Shang Chi goes through the history of the host who has manifested herself, Tamara (host) relives her accident with her daughter in the car, Spider-Man talks to Iron Man about the disrespect given by the former X-Men now Avengers; Canonball and Sunspot, He addresses Iron Man as 'Stark' with utter disrespect, Stark is desperately trying to decode the language by the human created by Ex-Nihlo (previous arc's villain), it is revealed that Tamara had been in coma for 10 years, Universe takes over and speaks of a broken world, broken Tamara and broken self, she decodes the language Tony is trying to, she translates and they find out that another world razing event is coming known as the White event.

Best Quote: "You're going to have to do something about those children, Stark...The annoying, ill mannered one's...Bomboy (referring to Cannonball) and Solar-flare (Sunspot)...They decided to rather rudely confront me about eating the leftovers...I wont be spoken to that way by infants."-Superior Spider-Man, presents the typical Ott...sorry spoiler! the new spider-man all new smug attitude and utter contempt of realizing his mantle's position and the respect he commands among the superhero community. 
Best Panel:  The brilliant panel showing Captain Universe seated in a meditating position. The background merges with her cosmic like features and smudges transparently onto the wooden dojo background. It is beautifully rendered and crisply Photoshopped.

Hickman may not craft his best book of Avengers yet but he sure gives a bit of comedic one two making this series a little hang one. Frankly I did say I would support the series from the get go and I will, after all Hickman's farther reaching narrative is bound to pay off at some time. The problem is that he has taken six issues in establishing the full status of this team. I understand this was done to accommodate enough new readers on the B-List characters entering the fray, but this could have been done in a multitasking fashion along side the next big threat. After all incoming casual readers are not going to be appealed by the character building issues every other month, they will not wait around to witness this and would rather see stuff blow up (somehow this sucks but it's the way the cookie crumbles). It can be chalked up to the fact, that Hickman had to start of from an issue one and therefore build the blocks within the volume from the beginning. For his writing talent and method this might not be so bad after all, just hope he could speed things up a bit.

He definitely tries to build up the team dynamic using his quirky brand of comedy. Handling the character of the new Spider-Man deftly, without taking off from Dan Slott own Superior Spider-Man series. It's funny to see some inner jokes including Spidey being called evil and reference to his older age as well as scientific status equal to Tony Stark.

The reference to Spider-Man's changes in his own comic, is a double edged sword. It seems a method to show that there is a set timeline to the Marvel Universe comics and possibly boost sales for the slowly decreasing Superior Spider-Man book.  

Even hilarity is included in Tony trying to decipher Ex-Nihlo's language through his creation. But this is where once again the problem occurs, the human is actually warning the Avengers of the coming of a 'White Event'. This is another world razing and apocalyptic event, something that has a small set of cliche features and thus can get tiring if constantly repeated.

The main body of the issue takes an under covering of the new host for Captain Universe. As mentioned it could have been played through the action, but the best thing is that Hickman gives an easy solution to an confusing B-List 80's character.

Anyhow even with it's apocalypse event, Hickman's next issue seems like it will move on towards the next big battle. Hopefully we see a balancing of character beats with action and good use of the multiple characters in the book. I will still continue reading on.

'Nuff Said

Aneesh Raikundalia       





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