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Thursday, 7 February 2013

A-World: The 50th Anniversary of The Avengers


The 50th Anniversary of The Avengers

There beginnings led to the funniest and most exciting movie of all time, there the earth's mightiest heroes; here to fight that the battles that no other super-hero can handle on his own. They are the Avengers. Whether Mighty, West Coast, Ultimate, Secret or Dark, the Avengers are the superhero team everyone (in the comic world of Marvel) strives to be a part off.

The Avengers. Where to begin, from it's odd cast of heroes coming together to stave off a great threat from the wicked Loki, there bringing of the first Marvel Captain America or the countless number of times they've saved the Marvel Universe. They haven't been the best team book out in the stores, they were for a long time considered the top Marvel book but only until the past decade have they really realized this potential, but they are mostly the exciting perspective from where we can witness any imaginable heroes come together (at least from the Marvel Universe, although there was this once when Superman and Co. got a membership to The Avengers). 


The movie Avengers take over Marvel NOW! in the pages. They are the first line to begin a global team of The Earths Mightiest Heroes. 

They celebrate their anniversary with another team. Where the A has always been a ray of hope, the X has been looked at the darkness that might doom the Earth. However now the A and X are finally coming together into a united force for justice as well as a dramatic combination of an overgrown family. But enough of talking rather I suggest you (my good old readers) check out their comics to know the details of what I am blabbing about or even check out their magnum opus movie!!!

While you're busy reading, I will plant this blog through the year with mighty post on The Avengers. I will give a array of Tin-tin's top ten countdowns on everything Avengers, a look into the Avengers and their battle for justice plus the look towards the future of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and the Avengers film series. But first I will provide a five post countdown on my 50 favorite The Avengers!!! So stay tuned, cause even though I recently got promoted I'm still hanging with my lower class (just kidding!!!) faithful readers.

PS: I have tagged this under Comic-Con Panel; This is to define it under those articles for comic book conversations. 

Avengers Assemble!!!

Aneesh Raikundalia

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