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Sunday, 27 July 2014

I Want To Be On That Stage Someday: Dreams of Comic Con

Dreams To Be At San Diego Comic Con

As a former wrestling fan and even now, there's one epic event you cannot miss and that's Wrestlemania. It's the night of all nights in the Wrestling world. 

My favorite part about Wrestlemania was always the beginning, where the superstars would sit down and speak with their heart about how this was there night, how this is the moment they waited for and how Wrestlemania was the event they aspired to compete in. 

'I want to be on that stage someday'

I vaguely remember that quote from one of the superstars and it got me thinking. Where do I want to be?

I know I want to create comics, I know I want to write established characters as well as my own, I know I want an Eisner.

Heck now I also know that I want to write films, that maybe I want to direct them too. 

Then so it happens, Comic-Con passes by this weekend. 

And I think to myself...

'I want to be on that stage someday' 

And not just any Comic Con but San Diego Comic Con, The Comic Con. 

Like the Wrestler who walks into Wrestlemania with all the pomp and circumstance, does his moves and wins the match to much fanfare. 

I want to walk into Comic-Con, hopefully with a cheering crowd. 

I want to be able to tell fans from across the world about my work.

To reassure them that Avengers is in good hands and I will give them the best for their buck and a beast of Kang the Conqueror. 

To persuade them that Spider-Man: War of Kings will be the best what if comic Marvel publishes. 

To welcome them to my world of superheroes; the Hero-Verse. 

Maybe I could even jump the pond.

Show them that this geek movie is well scripted, directed and is an entertaining fare. 

Give them a sizzle with the reel of my Green Lantern Animated Series. 

Or Maybe appear in shocking fashion as Marvel Studios announces me as the new writer/director for their latest movie. Possibly Avengers 20, please be Avengers 20!

I know these could just be pipe dreams, that most of these can be crushed. You'll tell me not too fly so high. 

But I believe if you dream it then you do it. 

'Nuff Said

Aneesh Raikundalia

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