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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Making of A Star: Shclub Andy Dwyer becomes the Protector of the Galaxy!

Guardians of the Galaxy

It's Chris Pratt's Moment to Shine


It's Guardians fever and I'm celebrating it like the Marvel fanboy I am! Although I might not get to watch the movie! (YIKES!)

There's one thing above all else that Guardians is. Above the risks to a studio that has 100% bank-ability. Above all the new age Star Wars comparisons. Above the endless but epic marketing. Above Rocket and Groot. 

Above all this is that Guardians is a platform for star in the making; 

Chris 'Andy Dwyer' Pratt. 

The once shclub from Parks and Rec has become a movie star and Guardians beyond the fact that it's a team movie, is a Star Lord extravaganza and a showcase of the comedian actors talents. 

In fact nothing says this more than how excited Pratt seems about the Guardians premiere. The actor knows that it's his time to shine and nobody is going to stop his trailblazing antics. It's not the first time a movie or a movie franchise has made a star, it's not even the first time Marvel has made a relative unknown into a star (AKA Chris Hemsworth as Thor).

But even then I had to make this post, just because of how excited Pratt seems at the premiere (video above) and how fun it will to see his career skyrocket.

One day we will reminisce when A-List superstar Chris Pratt became what he is, because of Guardians and before that the Lego Movie and of course Parks and Rec. 

So give it up for Chris Pratt AKA Star-Lord. Who you ask?

Well for that don't forget to catch Guardians of the Galaxy in a theater near you (an pray that I do too)

'Nuff Said

Aneesh Raikundalia

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