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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Snap! Crackle! Pop Culture!: Captain America Edition

Snap! Crackle! Pop Culture!

Captain America Edition

No need welcome this old feature back, lets just get into action (One note though, there will be no Your Favorite *Insert Here*= Your Personality feature, because I can't think of an idea for it so instead more memes!)

My Memes

Beat that Steve Carell...oh wait... 

Didn't You Know?


In a way Captain America is the first Marvel Superhero, he was conceived by Joe Simon in 1941 for Timely Publications. In 1961 Timely would have changed to Atlas and then becoming Marvel Comics.

It seems Winter Soldier is set to show a Captain America who sees America has lost its way. This has happened multiple times across the comics, specifically in the 1970's prompting him to become Nomad and in 90's where he changed the blue side of his costume for black becoming the Captain. But the most notable time I remember was during the Marvel Civil War. While he didn't change costume, he championed heroes against the government's policy of Superhero registration. 

Falcon played by Anthony Mackie in the new movie, was the first African American Superhero in Marvel's history. Debuting in the issue Captain America 117 in 1969.

Captain America has had bad films in the past. In 1944 he got his own TV serial, in 1990 a movie released and a sequel soon after. All really crappy.

The first issue of Captain America (pictured above) is priced at around a whopping $343000

Captain America is not a founding member of the Avengers. He was discovered as a man in ice (and deity of Inuit people) during The Avengers chase of Hulk and fight against Namor the Submariner. He is promptly added to the team and awarded the founding status that Hulk had lost.

When Bucky joined Cap, he was just a teenager to Cap' adult man like Robin to Batman. It's why his death took a large toll in Cap's life until Bucky returned after decades know what, I'm not going to spoil it...but Ed Brubaker revealed in hi seminal Cap run, that Bucky wasn't just an ordinary teen but a great spy

Captain America continued for a lengthy while in Timely towards the name change to Atlas Comics. Unfortunately he was cancelled post the war. Years later Stan Lee would bring him into The Avengers, with the back story of Bucky' death and Cap's fall into ice prior to the end of the war. 

His post war history from Timely was revised, and it was noted that the person under the Cap costume was another man. This man would go onto becoming a villain gone mad on the super soldier serum. Cap has had many replacements and doppelgangers.

Art Gallery


And here's the best part...some art, by me! Yay! (and the audience gave a stand ovation)

 First up, Captain America and Friends

Captain America, not as good as Jack 'King' Kirby's but...Good enough

Trailer Trash


Here's another trailer for Winter Soldier, to convince you to watch it...if it isn't out yet in your country; 

'Nuff Said

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