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Monday, 14 April 2014

Across The Universe: On Romance, Musicals and The Beatles

One Worth Watching

Across The Universe

First of all, let me clarify.

This is a new feature I'm starting, every time I watch a new movie or re-watch an old one that I really feel deserves mentioning, I will try right a post about it. 

Today's film? 

The 2007 romantic musical starring Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachael Wood. The film consists of 33 songs by The Beatles including the one that the films title comes from. 

Now I'm not a big music guy, but The Beatles are just something else. 

Across the Universe pays homage to the stellar music by weaving it into a narrative that has flights of fancy and moments of real heart. 

At its core the film is a romantic tale between Lucy (Wood) and Jude (Sturgess), but the film fleets through points of artistic identity and the Vietnam war all the while reveling in the kitsch brilliance of the 60's. 

I really like those Indie romantic films with the cliche sort of endings in a manner that fuses some terrific tunes and a heart warming show from the lovers and an ambiguous shot at the end. 

Across ticks that of in every which way, it ends with a returning Jude looking to find the girl he lost in Lucy and reaching to the roofs and singing for her 'All you need is Love'. Ending up into a sing along from his friends, and finally him staring at her across the roof. 

A moment of sheer bliss encapsulated by everything that makes the film so wonderful; a Beatles song. 

Each song is crafted with such soul and understanding on screen, and sung with reverence and honor to the foursome's works. The way in which the pictures fleet and screens cut are something else. 

The film flows into songs from whimsical, the downright depressing, to artistic and mind blowing in minutes. 

A Golden Globe nominee, Across The Universe isn't one to miss especially for the Beatles lover. It's so steeped in their works, that the main characters and then some are named after the songs from Lucy to Jude and beyond. 

'Nuff Said

Aneesh Raikundalia

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