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Thursday, 26 February 2015

The HIndie Awards 2015

The HIndie Awards

It took long, but the Hindie Awards are finally over and they're done with one hell of a riveting end. We all know the winners, but since the division of genres we don't know each films actual score and ranking in terms of top ten (like you've gotten to know for the past two years). So here in this post, I will put a cap on that.

But first here's short rundown of the HIndie Awards winners of 2015 (in terms of which film won) and some fun statistics of the first ever Official HIndie Awards.

Ankhon Dekhi
Best Screenplay (Comedy/Musical)
Aankhon Dekhi
Best Lead Female (Drama)
Best Lead Male (Comedy/Musical)
Aankhon Dekhi
Best Lead Female (Comedy/Musical)
Miss Lovely
Best Supporting Female (Drama)
Best Supporting Male (Comedy/Musical)
Finding Fanny
Best Supporting Female (Comedy/Musical)
Finding Fanny
Best Breakthrough Male
Best Breakthrough Female
Miss Lovely
Best Editing
Finding Fanny
Best Production Design
Dedh Ishqiya
Best Costume Design
Finding Fanny
Best VFX
Best Documentary
The World Before Her
Best Score
Miss Lovely

So that's it for the winners. Now for some statistics...the nominated for the most awards was the black crime comedy Dedh Ishqiya!

And the film with the most award wins was; Haider!

Now onto the ranking of the top ten films of the year...

(a Lazy) Tintin's Top Ten Best Hindi Films of 2014

10. Finding Fanny (9.0/10)

9. The World Before Her (9.1/10)

8. Highway (9.2/10)

7. Filmistaan (9.2/10)

6. Dedh Ishqiya (9.3/10)

5. Queen (9.3/10)

4. Ankhon Dekhi (9.3/10)

3. Miss Lovely (9.4/10)

2. Ugly (9.5/10)

1. Haider (9.6/10) 

So that's it for the top ten. 

And well that is it for the 2014 review of Hindi Cinema. 

For 2016's Awards season I have already enjoyed the brilliance that is Badlapur and the engaging Punjabi film Qissa. 

So we'll see what happens?!!

'Nuff Said, 

Aneesh Raikundalia

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