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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Art Gallery: Pop Culture and some OK Paintings

Art Gallery

Paintings and some other things


Welcome to another long awaited edition of my art gallery, a post to exhibit my personal artwork.

Since the previous feature, I have began working on 3D Software for animation. On the traditional front, I have exams coming up soon and I'm getting some practice in painting and perfecting my shading in preparations.

While that happens, on the side I have continued the practice of my painting skills through some fun works to build my portfolio for its initial phase at least. 

So let's take a sneak peek shall we...

Object Test Practice

One of the papers for my exam is an Object Drawing test, this is something unlike most of my art I arrogantly believe I can do well. 

I picked a former O-Level paper for a practice, did some preparatory work and finally came with this piece. 

The Question was; Draw a pen and folded sheet of paper on top of a stamped envelope with another crumpled piece of paper on the side. 

Avengers Assemble

To this day I believe this is my best painting (which isn't saying much)

I found a tutorial on-line on how to draw the Avengers and created this piece with each Avengers divided in slots. Of course these are the six Avengers from the movie. 

If you look close, there's a smudge on Black Widow's hair. The use of black is one issue I have struggled with as it smudges my pieces from time to time. 

Nothing else is majorly out of order, although I would have liked to give Iron Man better glow on his eyes and chest. 


Doop became my favorite character a few years back after his starring role in Wolverine and The X-Men issue 17. 

He is quite powerful and at the same time funny, sleazy and above all else just plain crazy. Formerly the camera man for the superstar mutant team X-Statix and now secret weapon and receptionist for the X-Men. 

As you can see he's so powerful besides Red Hulk, Captain America and Superman he can also lift Thor's hammer. 


Cobra is looking for intelligent, goal oriented and loyal employees cum followers for their leader's cause; the demolition of the Joes. 

When applying for a job please note, that you have a choice of two options for posts you wish to be interviewed for. Do not be disheartened if your not selected, only the elite become a part of our organization. 

Unfortunately we must subject a warning, if you do not impress us in the interview we will have to terminate you permanently. 

If your a Joe in disguise, we will know! we will fucking know!

On your application form we would like you to attach an essay regarding any of the following topics; 

-Your love for our leader Cobra Commander
-Why Cobras means the world to you
-Or why GI Joe: Rise of Cobras and/or GI Joe: Retaliation sucked

Please refrain from referencing or professing your love for the GI Joe films anywhere on the application form. We hate those films. 

We are also looking for intelligent and like minded lawyers in our uphill struggle for justice against the Joes and Paramount Picture. 

We are stuck in two lawsuits against these corporate giants and individuals hell bent on eradicating Cobra and their greater goal of destruction construction of humanity. These impending lawsuits are as follows; 

-A lawsuit against Paramount, the writers of the films and Hasbro for depicting Cobra in a negative light and against our own motto and modus operandi as an organization

-A lawsuit against Paramount for casting that wussy little punk Joseph Gordon Levitt as our Commander. And for casting Dwayne Johnson, because it isn't fucking fair that we have to face off against The Rock. We want glitter boy Channing Tatum back!

Thank You, 



As I mentioned. 

I'm learning how to use the 3D animation software; Max 3DS. It's fun but a struggle especially now that I've started human modelling. 
It still has a few tidbits to go before completion, but till then enjoy.   

Breaking Badmon

My initial project for my portfolio was a mash up between Pokemon and Breaking Bad. 

I made preps and put the work of for a long while because I wanted it to come out well. The final piece here for now is the final, but a prototype. I have ideas to incorporate these designs into the style of different breaking bad posters. 

Hopefully Pikachu and Pichu look like Heisenberg and Jesse. To me they at least do.  

'Nuff Said

Aneesh Raikundalia

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