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Monday, 26 August 2013

Writing Comics: Playing With Others Toys

Writing Comics

Playing with others toys


Sorry for a late post, my net has been iffy at best and even now it isn't top notch. I still have a post pending on Grant Morrison's beautiful Batman run that ended quite a while ago. This seems appropriate with the latest news hitting us that Ben Affleck will be our new Batman, another post on that also in the works. 

Anyways onto this post.

As an aspiring comic book writer its fun to come up with my own ideas for both lengthy graphic novels and monthly series. I already have a major plan revolving around my own type of Marvel/DC superhero universe called the Hero-Verse (I know, I know).

However for some few months now it seems I am interested in playing with the preverbal second hand toys. What this means is, I'm getting focused on writing about existing characters such as Batman and etc.

It might be the over abundance of reading comics or constantly watching Batman: TAS and Superman: TAS, but the fact is writing characters from the big two has started becoming appealing.

Some ideas have been streaming through my head for these character particularly and ironically those from the DC side of things. These ideas are  strictly formed as out of continuity for the characters, so as it can be easier for me to write. Most importantly though, most of these stories form up as lengthy graphic novels rather than long runs or one-shot issues. Although there is one idea for a long running series but still out of continuity.

The characters/stories I have been thinking about include;

The Specter (In a novel called The Specter: Last Vengeance)

Jor-El( El of Krypton)

Batman/Bane (Batman: Bane's Reckoning, which I have already started writing)

Batman/Mr. Freeze (Batman: The Long Winter)

Batman: Tales of the Asylum (A lengthy series detailing the life among the Arkham inmates)

Dr. Fate (No title yet, just want to write the character)

Justice Society of America (Really want to write these characters)

Hopefully in the near future, you may see some of these ideas bear fruit. It would be great to know that I can leave a stamp (even if it's a bad one) on some of my favorite characters.

These are just some characters I wish to write now, I can see that getting my own characters out of the ground will be difficult.

I myself seem to aspire too high and think it will be to establish my own ideas, there's nothing wrong with that. But to accomplish such a thing, playing with other creators isn't necessary but it can help a lot.

Just my own thoughts.

'Nuff Said

Aneesh Raikundalia

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