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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Breaking Bad: Better Call Saul...Cause He Deserves A Spinoff

Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul

First of all this will be a relatively short post.

Now onto the post, unlike many a viewers (such as you BB faithfuls) I haven't been quick in my following of what could become one of the greatest TV shows; Breaking Bad.

At this point I am half way through Season 3, in hopes to catch up to the finale that takes place this Fall TV season. 

So with that out, this news might be old.

Show creator Vince Gilligan has hinted and now confirmed that they are fast tracking a spin-off on the eccentric and morally wrong attorney that is Saul Goodman.

This spin-off better be good!

Now I understand TV spinoffs don't have a healthy track record (who remembers Joey?), but still if you're a regular watcher (or in my case catch upper) or a die hard fan of the show than you know there's no one better to call up (see what I did there) for a spinoff than Saul Goodman.

And here's why...

Don't worry I won't give any lengthy lecture-type reasons

a) Cause its Saul Goodman
File:Saul Goodman.jpg
Forget Jesse and forget Walter, Saul is actually the most interesting/fun character on the show to watch. 

Now I understand, such characters like Saul are fun in spades but when you give them a spin-off something bad happens (I will once again refer you to Joey). 

Still I believe Saul can handle his own show and this is why...

b) Better Call Saul

If you haven't checked out the minisodes yet I suggest you do, the Better Call Saul shorts on the Season 3 extras are a riot to watch.

These accompanied by his job as a criminal lawyer for gangsters and crooks within the Breaking Bad universe, could cause on fusion of the thrills provided by the Breaking Bad in a twisted comedic sit-com starring the character. 

But the comedy in such a situation has only held weight because of one man...

c) Bob Odenkirk

Odenkirk who portrays Saul has been by far one of the most funniest men in modern television history. His regular appearances on HIMYM's latter seasons has made dull episodes bearable. His work plus writing in Tim and Eric's Awesome Show is damn hilarious. 

More so his performance as Saul has that right touch of wickedness and eccentricity among splendid comic timing. 

So I would suggest to whatever network handling the spin-off (if it isn't AMC), you

Better Call Saul

and...cause I know you most likely will...

...S'all good, man!

Aneesh Raikundalia 

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