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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pacific Rim: Pure Spectacle!!!...and a FUCK You to Adam Sandler

Pacific Rim

No Review...

Just Fun and One Big FUCK YOU!!!


Seriously this looks so awesome, and it is!

 This past Friday saw the release of one of the most hotly anticipated blockbuster movies of the Summer that *Gasp!* actually had an original story not tied down by any source material. This Friday also saw the release of another LAZY comedy by Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison production house.

And guess what?!

Fucking Grow Up already!!!

Adam Sandler's latest comedy Grown Ups 2 (did we need a sequel to the horrendous 1st film) beat out the very slick and stylish Pacific Rim by a whopping 4 Million Dollars. Now that might not be much when in terms of how much movies usually end up earning, but Pacific Rim hit third spot on the box office with only 38 Million and could well go on to fail at the box office considering its 200+ Million budget.

Okay so globally however Pacific Rim made a 53 Million collection, but even then it's a steep climb for this thoroughly entertaining film. Which brings me to this decision...

No Review

 I was literally chanting this is awesome during every fight scene

I like to think of myself as a thinking movie viewer, whenever or wherever I'm watching a movie I always seem to analyze it and understand both its weaknesses and strengths also trying to get its deeper message. 

When I entered the cinemas last year for The Avengers, my mind completely went blank. In my first viewing of the third highest grossing film of all time, I just enjoyed the experience. This to me must have been so because I had waited 4 years for the film, and I considered it a cinematic event (since it brought different movie franchises together into one big franchise.  

This past week however, I was shocked to witness as I could not analyze/review during the screening of Pacific Rim. Neither was Pacific Rim a huge event movie, apart from its original story it was another by the numbers Summer Blockbuster, heck it even didn't come from any comic book. 

Still it all made sense to just enjoy this pure fun experience directed by fanboy (especially of Mechas and Monsters) Guillermo Del Toro. This film was a huge science fiction/action and comic book style blockbuster but the first in a long time that didn't have a prior source material. 

It is an original story albeit with some archetype characters, it has a vastly diverse cast, it has one of the most talented, underrated and my favorite actors in Idris Elba and its co-lead character is a kick ass women that transitions between stereotype and anti-stereotype therefore a rounded character (of sorts). 

But don't worry just like with The Avengers, once I get a second viewing I will be able to review the film. For now I would suggest for you to go watch it and enjoy this pure joyride of Monster battling Robots. Plus it's nothing like the dumb-ass Michael Bay Transformers films. 

I'd also suggest you go watch it because this movie deserves to make a huge profit, and we definitely deserve a Pacific Rim 2 unlike a certain other sequel. A sequel to which I would like to say...

Warning! Abusive content times infinity below, not for the faint of heart and definitely not coherent enough to understand;  


If Grown Ups 2 (alongside an okay but still a sequel Despicable Me 2)  becomes the reason for Paicific Rim's (most likely). Then I have lost my faith in humanity!

There was a time when I liked Adam Sandler and his movies, a time when I found his slapstick style remotely funny, a time when I believed after every shit movie he could produce good works like Punch Drunk Love, Funny People and Reign Over Me.


I hate...HATE...Adam Sandler and what he does. His movies are just a bunch of strung up fart and dick jokes with him acting like a fucking man-child every single time. 

But I don't place the blame on him alone.

I also blame his talentless hacks of friends like David Spade, the Chris Farley Wanna be and Rob fucking Schneider. 

I blame the dumb writers of his films that simply include joke after joke, without building a coherent story.

Most importantly though

I blame his bloody fans! The mindless drones of people who go to watch his crap, now I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and the numbers speak for themselves. But still FUCK YOU!

Fuck you, to the people who went for Grown Ups and fuck you to the people who went to see its pointless sequel. I mean Paranormal Activity sequels have a bigger right to be made than this crap.

Worst of all?!

Clearly cinema hasn't been kind to female characters, still once in a blue moon you may get a compelling female character like Ripley or The Bride. Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) may have some archetype characteristics, but eventually she stands shoulder to shoulder with her male counterpart; Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam)

53% of his audience were women...53 fucking PERCENT went to watch this film. What does Sandler's films have that appeal to a female audience, granted his comedies aren't as misogynist as many others and that action has been ingrained to appeal to a male audience. But even then, Pacific Rim boasted a compelling and equal footing female character. 

The kind of character we found last year in Hunger Games, and the kind of character we hope to find in the inevitable Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and Wonder Woman film franchises.

Now you can also point a finger at me, I haven't seen Growns Up 2. From the trailer I already know it doesn't appeal to my tastes, in fact I wont even bother going through that shit cause I already did it a billion times over with Grown Ups, Jack and Jill, That's My Boy and the rest of the fucking pieces of turd that Adam Sandler and friends try to deem as movies. 

Please, I am begging people to go watch Pacific Rim. It definitely isn't the best movie of the year, or even the summer but it's the most fun time you will have at the cinemas and it is my favorite movie of the year (for now). 

End my f***ing rant!

Aneesh Raikundalia    


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