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Monday, 6 May 2013

Top Secret: GTCB Create A Comic

Top Secret

GTCB Create A Comic

Welcome to my first Top Secret blog post, here I will constantly write about the projects I am doing or making for my College or other courses. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have joined an online class at known as Gender Through Comic Books.

Our major assignment was due...well yesterday (oops) and I have been a bit busy in making another project (I will talk about that later) thus my submission comes late and is bound not to go into contention. 

This assignment was to create a comic related to Gender issues/topics but also something that the creator had really experienced. I wont lie, my time being stretched meant that my attempt at creating the comic has been half hearted (sorry). Somehow I have great ideas yet fail to capitalize on them.

Where did my Idea originate from?

It occurred to me about years back when I was reading through Frank Millar's seminal Daredevil run. My sister saw what I was reading, coincidentally her eyes caught the page when Bullseye killed Elektra in Daredevil issue 181 (in Daredevil by Frank Miller/Klaus Johnson Vol.2). 

Her first notion was that it was to explicit (Elektra's costume) and violent. She told me not to read such books and in bewilderment asked why I liked such crap (excuse my language). I explained with my head held high; "The comic is one of the best in the world, Elektra and Daredevil love each other. Her death means that Daredevil will have some pitfalls and issues, thus in the end his character will come out better from it."
She asked me; "Why did the girl have to die to make the hero's character better?". Being as young as I was, I had no definite answer. When I think about it now it makes sense, now I champion the Women in Refrigerators movement. Even then I still read Daredevil by Frank Miller.

What's my Idea?

My initial idea was to show a hero saving a girl from the villain with both fighting over which way her character arc would go so as to benefit both the male characters. Eventually the girl would punch each of them and say "I handle matters with my own hands."

Finally I took a more focused approach with my aforementioned story involving me and my sister. With that came the birth of the story known as;

"Girl In The Refrigerator"

Page 1 of my GTCB Comic

As you can see it's not a final cut of work, but I just wanted to complete it enough to get the message across. The story revolves around a boy (actually me) looking for a snack in the middle of the night. Surprisingly he comes across his sister, stuck inside the fridge. She asks for help (a bit rudely but it's justified), Will her brother help her? Find out below;

Page 2 of my GTCB comic

The boy mentions why he cannot help her, and then you can see for yourself what happens. Initially I intended to extend the comic but it felt like my message wouldn't get through as easily. So that's it. I will make sure to complete it and refine it, till then enjoy.

'Nuff Said 

Aneesh Raikundalia 



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