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Sunday, 5 February 2017

HIndie Awards 2017: Best Actor [Male] in a Supporting Role [Comedy/Romantic/Musical]

Best Actor [Male] in a Supporting Role 

Motion Picture Comedy/Romantic/Musical

Quite an eccentric cast of actors, this one comes up to a mix of nominee who are all about recognition, remembrance and most importantly redemption.

I don't know what else to say, but this kind of section is where character actors have thrived for years and where leading men have found a lease on life.

So let's just look through what each our five are capable of or have accomplished;

The Kathakar Piyush Mishra secures his first nomination, he missed out one for his work in Pink though for drama.

Pankaj Tripathi also secures his first nomination with a redemption in comedy after his poor turn in Dilwale.

The first of two stellar nominations for the King Khan, what a year it has been for him.

Rishi Kapoor gains his second nomination having won it in the initial year, that is a supporting actor award.

Finally, Sikander Kher is another man who gains redemption with probably his finest role ever.

And before we head to the depths of their brilliance, here is a look see at those that missed the cut;

Varun Dhawan in Dishoom-Channelling his innate comic timing and charisma, Dhawan once again proves that he can raise the levels of even the most mediocre material given the chance and this one has Dhawan's child like comedic chops all over it.

Jimmy Shergill in Happy Bhag Jayegi-Always the bridesmaid never the bride and once again with this non-nomination, Shergill proves it in a role that allows a doltish side of the actor to shine through. It takes someone as confident as Shergill to perform with a straight face while the world pulls wool over your eyes and makes you the running joke of the film.

Rajat Kapoor in Kapoor and Sons-Killed by a convenient death, Rajat Kapoor still proves his mettle as a down on his luck father trying to suppress his own guilt and failures but always coming up short.

Satish Kaushik in Dishoom-This is more of a special mention as Kaushik gives a hilarious voice performance in the best running gag of any film this year and the only real laugh out loud moment of the bland dishoom.

And now onto the nominees...

Piyush Mishra as ACP Usman Afridi for Happy Bhag Jayegi

In Happy Bhag Jayegi, Piyush Mishra is cast as a Pakistan obsessed [India disregarding] police captain who is forced by his friend and superior [in status] Abhay Deol to take a trip to India.

The moment they reach, it takes Mishra over a minute before he can gather the strength to step down into India. He hates himself for serving an Indian agenda while being from Pakistan. As is put in Hindi; he has eaten Pakistan's salt, only to realize literally that Pakistan imports its salt from India.

It such small moments of comedy that make Mishra a delight to watch on screen especially with the way he works around with some great physical and dialogue based comedy.

His repartee's with Shergill and Fazal are indicated with some humorous ticks from his vow not to drink to the urdu/hindi confusion and the absolute contempt he has for a threatening Indian like Shergill.

This is the man that makes Happy such an entertaining riot.

Pankaj Tripathi as Principal Shrivastava for Nil Battey Sanata

Stoic and stern Principal Shrivastava creates comedy from the most oblivious of situations, he isn't being funny it is just the situations as such a self aware serious character that makes him so and Tripathi is the right man to bring it out.

The actor who proved last year with Masaan that he can be both sweet and simple unlike what his greatest roles that typecast him otherwise, Tripathi becomes a comedic genius with this self serious role thanks to the simplest of expressions of wonderment [such as when Chanda wants to join the school or when Apu passes] and more that you cannot help but laugh.

In Tripathi, all the characters specifically the two leading mother-daughter duo find the perfect foil as the actor goes all out in fitting naturally into the hilarity and hijinx of the film without ever having to become a parody [*cough* Boman Irani in 3 Idiots *cough*].

Shahrukh Khan as Dr. Jehangir 'Jug' Khan for Dear Zindagi

Utilizing his well established histrionics and natural charm, the Baadshah of Bollywood once again proves that even at the age of 50 there is no heartthrob like him.

Charming, self deprecating, hilarious and tender, as Jehangir Khan or Jug for short, Shahrukh Khan once again is at the top of his game bringing a nice pathos and depth that is easily reliant on his superstar persona.

With a role that can come off as preachy and most stars would play it as such, the wonderful physicality of SRK which is always criticized as been there done that; unfairly of course, is used for his advantage as he brings a vulnerability to Jehangir that adds a nice romantic touch to the film without ever feeling forced.

Here is a man looking to reinvent himself without losing his affable aura and Shahrukh Khan does just that with what will probably go down as one of his dark horse roles just cause how easy he makes it look.

Rishi Kapoor as Amarjeet Kapoor/Dadu for Kapoor and Sons

As the randy, raunchy, naughty but cute grandpa; Rishi Kapoor under some questionable prosthetic reminds you of Oscar winner Alan Arkin from Little Miss Sunshine.

He loves taking a hit with his grandsons, watches some weird weird films on his I-Papad and acts like a child torturing the nurse. He's funny and more importantly Kapoor brings an old school charm in a new packaging of an old man.

Yet when needed, in the smaller profound moments; Kapoor manages to also take over the melodrama of the situation and make the film work.

Despite the on set arguments he may had with director Shakun Batra, Kapoor puts himself in the hands of his filmmaker in giving the kind of performance that has made his second innings such a wonder to unfold.

Sikander Kher as David Dosomething/David Chaddha for Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive

What a year can really do? Sikander Kher began the year cast in the Wachowski's Sense8 tv show, stole Anil Kapoor's thunder in Season 2 of 24: India while completely stealing the show with the funniest performance of the year.

His dual turn as the White as white secretary of defence David is a rip rollicking extended cameo through the first half of the film and continues with an even more hilarious credit scene sequence at the end.

As the Punjabi David Chaddha he is just as funny if not more so, as the fat cat producer trying to con the heroes into a terrifying situation. It's the kind of megalomaniac but eventually idiotic villain that Kher perfects with absolute brilliance.

No one will make you laugh like Kher will from last year, guarantee.

And the Winner is...

Pankaj Tripathi as Principal Shrivastava for Nil Battey Sanata!!!

He wins it, the underdog wins the big one! One of the finest character actors of this generation. 

Up Next: A music aficionado searching for the right tune and finding something far more heartbreaking, A spirited romantic seeking friendship being hurt by love, A young mother and house help finds redemption in re-education, An innocent but determined child seeks the help from her idol for her blind brother in a trans-formative journey and a young cinematographer seeking solace from her heavy past...these are the best comedic/romantic and musical female actors of 2016!!!

'Nuff Said,

Aneesh Raikundalia

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