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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Tintin's Top Ten: Biggest Takeaways From The Golden Globe Nominations

Tintin's Top Ten

Big Golden Globe News

The full list of nominees for the official 2015 Golden Globes just got released, providing some genuine moments of shock and boosting a lot of campaigns that looked like they might just lose steam. Now with the Globes a lock for next year, 11th January 2015. All eyes will fall on The Academy, and where and whom they will comply on with the second biggest film awards show in Hollywood.

On this post I'll be examining not only the disappointments and surprises, but the talking points that could form the outlook for the awards season ahead. So fasten your seat belt snowy, it's time for another Tintin's Top Ten. 

10. Music Gets Shut Out

While there's tons of nominees in the musical/comedy category that got totally shut out (there's a separate section for some of the bigger ones ahead), the two small movies Skeleton Twins and Begin Again could have looked forward to some awards love.

Considering that after this, they aren't bound to get any. So it's kind of sad to see two of the better films of the year be simply be ignored by a body whose divisions were favorable to their genre.

The biggest shock comes from an unlikely set of nominees, Kristen Wiig was far outshone by Bill Hader in their film while Knightley gave better work in Laggies, yet even their two award friendly performances in these films were beaten out by some of the most undeserving contenders.

Somehow, Wallis in Annie and Mirren in Hundred Foot Journey snuck past them, on a list that could have seen any of the two even win.

Worse yet, with critics chastising his out of tone scenery chewing SUPPORTING performance; Waltz managed to well waltz past one of the most heart wrenching performances of the year in Indie comedy Skeleton Twins. This should have been the year Bill Hader made himself known, yet he was also left out cold. 

Yet it's not the worst thing to come out of the Comedy/Musical nomination fiasco's that the Globes have concocted. See ahead.

9. One Weak Actress Year...Or is it?

The fact that we probably already know both winners in the Actress categories for the Academy Award next year, might not be the best sign. Julianne Moore gives another soul stirring performance in Still Alice, and she is deserving. All you need to see to know that Patricia Arquette deserves the big one, is the last few scenes of Boyhood.

The constant, this year has been that there haven't been a slew of enough great performances. It's why no pundit was scoffing at the idea of Jolie getting a nomination for her turn in Maleficent, it's why not many have been as shocked as they should be at Aniston's double nominations at SAG's and now Globes.

But is it a truly weak year?

Pike is a masterful vamp in Gone Girl. Stone is gaining some immense praise for her work in Birdman. Moore is perfect in both Still Alice and Maps to The Stars. Witherspoon has supposedly made a stunning comeback and Jones matches Redmayne step for step brilliantly.

Yet going off my tenth point, it feels like the Globes didn't know where else to reach. There are tons of indie performances they could have picked up, but they are none in the bigger pictures.

It has been a year of great female performances, if not here well you'll see them in my Underdog Awards.

8. Aniston is The FIFTH Spot!

You'll notice that my top ten spot this time round has a sort of link chain thing going on, it's an unintentional bonus that helps work around each major portion of nominees.

Anyways, who would have thought a year ago that maybe, just maybe, Rachael Green could be walking down the Oscar red carpet with a chance at the big gold.

Despite not getting a full release and from it's trailer feeling more black comedy than drama, Jennifer Aniston has got a huge boost in the past few weeks to bag the elusive fifth spot in the Best Actress race.

Prior to the nominations and campaign runs, Oscar pundits were advising that the Actress's role be pushed in the Comedy category come Globes. It could have been a huge boost if that were to be done, in such a weak race; Aniston could have jumped to the forefront, especially considering that Moore already might win Drama.

Yet somehow, Aniston looks better for it in the drama category.


Well for one she's standing tall with the four actresses that have been locks for the Academy for months on end. You might say it will cause her to be overshadowed and you could be right. Yet on the contrary with the Academies focus on the four actresses and their side of the ballot, she will definitely get some eyeballs on her.

It presents for the Academy, the film and her performance in a slightly more favorable light, there's no denying the Academy doesn't have a real taste for comedy; so on this pond she will fare better. 

7. ...Unless Adams Really Nails It!

Yet despite the Academies vested interest in the drama categories, one feels for Amy Adams.

She might not have the resume and experience of a Julianne Moore, still Adams has always been the bridesmaid never the bride. Moore is bound to sweep every award cause her performance is terrific and she's deserved it for far too long.

Adams is in some ways a similar case. She's got five nominations and no win at the Academy Awards that is. Plus despite winning last year, she looks like the safe bet for the Globe once again.

Somehow I doubt the Globes allow Moore to shock us and win both awards, despite the fact that she might deserve them. This weak lineup of actresses seems like the perfect set up for an Amy Adams win and another boost towards her sixth Oscar nomination.

It's where Aniston shooting for the drama award, acts as a double edged sword. 

6. The Moore, The Merrier

Speaking of Julianne Moore, it comes as no shock that she got nominated for the drama award at the Globes. It's turn that is being touted as her best and one that could finally make it for her at the big time.

Julianne Moore is in the conscious of the general public once again thanks to Hunger Games, and that adds heavy value to her possible Globes and Oscar win.

What comes as a surprise though is her nomination for her bitchy and sexy performance in David Cronenberg's Maps to The Stars. It adds a whole other element to the Actress race on both ends.

There's a lot of options besides her brilliant performance, on the outside looking in. Does she deserve both nom's? Heck Yeah! Does she need them? Maybe Not.

Let's look at this way.

She could win both, once again a weak Comedy actress category could allow her to sweep that one. Especially if Big Eyes early bad reviews are an indication, despite the praise for Adams.

Or due to a stronger dramatic race, this one could be a consolation in favor of boosting someone else's chances at the Oscars maybe a Witherspoon or a Pike for example. Maybe the Globes think that as of now Moore is so far ahead, she could afford the loss.

Or this could just be what this year for Julianne Moore is to be, a celebration of her career by every prestigious Awards guild. After all even if her performance in Still Alice wasn't top notch compared to competitors (it is top notch!), the Academy would still award her on a deserving basis as they are prone to do.

For now all we can say is that, it's a Moore fiesta folks!

5. A Triple Threat Awaits The Best Actor Race

As far back as can be remembered, the best actor race has mostly been set in stone.

Like with the best Actress race, it's going to be a deserving veteran who wins except this one in a hell of a comeback role. Michael Keaton is playing the role of a former superhero franchise actor wanting to legitimize himself in a serious role in theater, where I have I seen that before?

He's already had budding colleagues with him in comedian turned 'real' actor according to the Academy; Steve Carell, the fan favorite; Benedict Cumberbatch, the young breakthrough in a real life role; Eddie Redmayne.

Yet that fifth spot once again, has remained iffy if not empty.

A few weeks ago, anybody would have pegged David Oyelowo playing Marin Luther King in Selma to pick it up. It still does feel like his to lose, after the love Selma has gotten at the Globes.

Yet two other men are clearly trying to tip him over. Not just two other men, but two other veterans in some capacity. Oyelowo despite being a fascinating actor, is an unknown commodity for now. So it wouldn't be a surprise if the Academy went for either Jake Gyllenhaal or Ralph Fiennes.

Yet certain factors in all their cases remain. For the other two, their performances are in films the Academy might not be willing to look at. Yet each one has a trump card.

Selma's been picking up most of the late awards buzz for a bait type film, with both Unbroken and American Sniper nowhere to be heard off. Oyelowo has apparently given a stirring portrayal in a film that the Globe is clearly favoring (See below).

Then there's Fiennes, despite his stature and a role that is completely different from anything he's done before, it's a marvel that Fiennes has lasted this long in the race since his film released before the summer. It's a hallmark of a terrific performance and could be the kind off light offset the category needs against the dramatic heavies.

Yet he needs the big win at the Globes, which is sadly unlikely considering the sweep Keaton is making this season. Off the people he could be nominated with at the Oscars, he's got the biggest fish to fry at the Globes to first get there.

Gyllenhaal has been a surprise dark horse, despite how terrific he's been the past few years and despite the expected greatness there was from him in Nightcrawler (Which he lived up to and more). Nobody in their right mind expected Gyllenhaal to make a stamp on the awards season.

Yet clamoring from the internet has got him far. Sure Selma couldn't be featured at the SAG's (thus Oyelowo missed out on a key nomination), but it's still a huge boost for Jake and the Globe nod just adds to it.

So far for me, it's the best performance of the year and I think Gyllenhaal deserves to go all the way.

Speaking of these three, there's other nominees to consider. Apart from Jake and Oyelowo, the other three in drama are major locks. Keaton's winning at the Globes and most likely at the Oscars.

So what about the others. Well as I said, Waltz is a courtesy nod. Murray is great but still too far. Phoenix unfortunately due to his hate for campaigning and mixed feeling about Vice altogether is another long shot.

The Academy could pull a swerve altogether, they need not comply with the Globes. We could see either Miles Teller (Whiplash), Chadwick Boseman (Get on Up) or even Channing Tatum (Foxcatcher) on the poll.

My money for the fifth spot is on Oyelowo, my heart is set on Gyllenhaal.

4. Big Padlocks In Place

Already mentioned previously, but here's a rundown of the most likely big fights come awards season.

-At the top of the heap is Boyhood and Birdman. Both films are set winner for their respective film categories at the Globes, and thus the big guns fighting for the Oscar.

-Boyhood could edge it out, if it most likely scores both director and screenplay. Thus allowing Birdman to take editing and cinematography. Here and surely there. Although I do wish Gone Girl gets the cinematography award.

-On the acting front at the Globes, four categories despite being strong are locked in my opinion. The fifth for lead comedy actress looks weak, and thus surprisingly turns out to be the enigma. The sixth has the intriguing factor of the Oscar fifth best actor spot and the already touted other three. 

-The locks are as follows; Michael Keaton for Birdman, Julianne Moore for Still Alice, Patricia Arquette for Boyhood and JK Simmons for Whiplash. These four could also be the Oscar winners.

-The most likely Oscar film nominees now are; Boyhood, Birdman, Theory of Everything, Wild, The Imitation Game, Selma, American Sniper, Whiplash, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Gone Girl. The last four on shaky ground.

3. Out! Unspoken! On the Edge! And Banging Doors!

Four major films this year have varied phases that have seen them as contenders and altogether something else.

The first is Inherent Vice, early in the year any pundit would tell you the film was going to be a big pick. After all it was from the master himself Paul Thomas Anderson. Even the fact that his film was based on Thomas Pynchon's trippy drug addled novel wouldn't change anything.

Screenings at the NYFF, the film didn't gain a bad response rather worse it got a muted one. It's a film that has created sides, those who'll like it and those who wont. The same thing that is set to effect Gone Girl's chances. It's surely a fun film, but will it be a fun film that the Academy accepts. The Globes haven't, heck Pride came out of nowhere to take its assured place.

Another film with a divided response has been Gone Girl, essays have been wrote analyzing the films themes, twists and allegiance for or against feminism and females. It's the dirtiest and scariest date movie ever.

Despite scoring big at the box office, Gone Girl has found less and less words about it's award chances and more and more about  everything else in the film. It's somewhat not a surprise that Fincher has found himself in the directors category at the Globes, yet don't expect the Academy to follow suit. The score, cinematography and adapted screenplay will be big players but the film itself might lost it's spot due to the divisiveness of its subject matter.

Tethering at this point is another little indie film that could, the electrifying Whiplash. The past few months have seen the film pick up quite some buzz.  It was a given for most that on paper JK Simmons had a tailor made role for a nomination, now most believe he's a winner. Miles Teller's rise to prominence in the past few years, has done nothing but better the chances of this film.

Yet somehow the Globes missed it in the cut, is this a sign of losing steam?

For a while now Whiplash has been believed to be that dark horse contender, hell Whiplash director Damien Chazelle was looking to be a favorable nomination according to critics over the likes of James Marsh (Theory of Everything), Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game) and Jean Marc Vallee (Wild). Three films mind you, touted for big nominations in the acting, writing and film categories.

Whiplash's big, big loss could be another's gain.

If others are nipping at the heels Oyelowo, then his director and film Selma are definitely banging the doors of the big leagues. Ava DuVernay got one hell of a jump with the Globes announcement. After being completely shut out at the SAG's due to no screenings, Selma has picked up on the promise it has been delivering in the past few weeks.

It's fresh on voters minds, it's one hell of a topic that's right up the Academies alley. Oscar bait that's gaining better traction than the other three heavyweights in Theory of Everything, Imitation Game and Unbroken.

To know how well revered the film is, you just got to look at the bigger nominations for the Globes. Selma and it's director share the spotlight with some top contenders. Ava DuVernay is the only female director nominated, a shot higher than Angelina Jolie (Unbroken); a woman no doubt the Globes love. She also takes out the Nolan's (Interstellar), the Vallee's (Wild) and more.

The film itself tops the same people including a tough contender in Gone Girl, which picked both screenplay and director nods.

As all things come to a head, these four films are all big pieces of the puzzle. Their underdogs and dark horses each.

Of course I have failed to mention a few others such as Gone Girl and Interstellar. But those are conundrums I prefer not to solve, divisive results and huge box office success have changed perception on where the films could go awards season.

There's also in my opinion two other major films that deserve their own special discussion

2. Broken to Pieces

The first that comes to mind is Unbroken.

It's look, it's feel and the people behind it had me fooled. I didn't expect this to be the best film of the year, but I did expect it to be the kind of film a lot of awards seasons would be clamoring up to take the bait from.

Unbroken prior to hitting even it's worldwide Christmas release, has attracted mixed reviews and even more mixed emotions. The Globes might have not gotten screeners maybe, but it still doesn't forebode well for the picture.

A star studded affair for Angelina Jolie, it's been one hell of a week for her. Nobody expected any acting accolades i.e. SAG's, due to it really just being a breakthrough year for lead Jack O'Connell but a complete shut out might kill its chances.

Another film I'd also like to talk about here is Clint Eastwood's American Sniper. It's not made the major theatrical rounds yet and like with Million Dollar Baby (a few years back), could somehow swoop in at the end year clearance.

Unbroken on the other hand doesn't seem to be given that chance and instead is left at a shattering point. 

1. It's Anderson-Mania

For the Globes, everyone was sure due to the division of genres; The Grand Budapest Hotel, one of the best comedies of the year would make it to the big list. Heck, Fiennes was an assured second to Michael Keaton just as much as the film was to be to Birdman. The screenplay was a given, even with only five slots.

Yet somehow, Wes Anderson pulled the rabbit out of the hat. His directorial nomination not only boosts him but each aspect of his film.  There might not be any wins, unless Boyhood pulls of everything leaving Birdman with best actor and for a change of pace Grand Budapest with best film.

Simple, effective, to the point and hilarious comedy that Budapest plays in around Anderson's wacky style might win voters over the meta, dark humor of Birdman. It could be a big play for Anderson's film to gain a Best Picture nod at the Academy, after the shaky ground Gone Girl and Interstellar are on.

To end this post, here's a list of my who should and who will. Keep in mind, I haven't watched a few films; Birdman, Foxcatcher, The Imitation Game, Big Eyes and Selma to be mostly specific and a bit more. Also prediction for only major awards.

Best Film (Drama): Should/Will-Boyhood
Best Film (Comedy/Musical): Should/Will-The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Lead Male (Drama): Should-Jake Gyllenhaal, Will-Eddie Redmayne
Best Lead Female (Drama): Should/Will-Julianne Moore
Best Lead Male (Comedy/Musical): Should-Ralph Fiennes, Will-Michael Keaton
Best Lead Female (Comedy/Musical): Should-Julianne Moore, Will-Amy Adams
Best Supporting Male: Should/Will-JK Simmons
Best Supporting Female: Should/Will-Patricia Arquette
Best Direction: Should/Will-Richard Linklater
Best Screenplay: Should-Gone Girl, Will-Boyhood
Best Animated Film: Should-HTTYD 2, Will-Lego Movie

'Nuff Said,

Aneesh Raikundalia

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