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Sunday, 4 May 2014

May The 4th Be With You: Examining the Star Wars 7 Cast

Celebrating Star Wars Day!

Days before the most auspicious day for Star Wars fans, we were greeted with the announcement of the main cast for the latest Star Wars film set to be directed by JJ Abrams.;h=581

A roundtable of the main cast for Star Wars Episode VII

The heads at Disney also confirmed that the Expanded Universe of comics built since the Star Wars films are no more canon and therefore will not form the basis of adaptation for the new set of trilogies. 

Since Episode 7 was announced, casting rumors have flown left, right and center to the extent that mostly everyone big or making it big in Hollywood has been attached with the project. Ath the end of the day, here is your main cast. Hamill

You May Know Him From: Luke Skywalker in The Original Star Wars Trilogy, Joker in Batman The Animated Series
Hamill is set to reprise his role as the hero from the classic films, here possibly much wiser and older. I could see him playing a sort of Obi Wan Kenobi type of role to a young up and coming Jedi. There's not note on whether he will be a father to any young Jedi. Depending on how the Republic was rebuilt after the Empire take down, he could still be in a pivotal political role. Suggestion; Why not have him be a man who failed to bring order to the Republic once the Empire went down, it would make the politics of the world much more intriguing and real. Ford

You May Know Him From: Han Solo in The Original Star Wars Trilogy, Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones Franchise
The man everyone wanted to see reprise his role, Han Solo is back baby and he's ready to shoot first...bad joke. Anyways, cast pictures saw him sitting next to Carrie Fisher and a new female actor; could that be his daughter in the film? Han is hard to pin point after the end of the Empire. He obviously ends up with Leia, but doing what? Trying to be A Jedi master or a man of politics? With Han I just don't see it. Harrison Ford has noted that Han has a vital role in the upcoming trilogy not just the first movie, so we'll have to wait and watch.,0,214,317_AL_.jpgCarrie Fisher

You May Know Her From: Leia Skywalker in The Original Star Wars Trilogy
Fisher will be playing Leia once again, the obvious role I could see her in is a Senator or some form of higher political role depending on the structure of the universe post the Empire defeat. Hopefully Leia does get a well defined arc through the film, though I most likely can see her as just a political figure for an extended cameo or so. Fisher's portrayal of Lei is mostly memorable for the one moments of her in the gold bikini but also going bad ass and killing Jabba the Hutt, so it would be fun to see her help beat some baddies again in some fashion. Mayhew

You May Know Him From: Chewbacca in The Original Star Wars Trilogy
Another member of the original cast. The big question here being; Is Mayhew going to full reprise his role or only voice? Chewbacca is most likely to be CGI and as such who will provide the motion capture performance for the lovable wookie? 

Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker

You May Know Them From: C3PO and R2D2 in The Original Star Wars Trilogy

Can you really separate the duo? The major connect between both the franchises and basically a part of every film. Once again, much of the role might be in mo-cap with certain parts filmed with the robotics or whatever. It will be fun to see the banter between the two characters specifically the beeeepps of R2.,0,214,317_AL_.jpgAdam Driver

You May Know Him From: Adam Sackler in Girls

While many actors were being rumored for roles, it was only Driver (prior to the cast photo reveal) who was being confirmed for his role as a villain. Driver is most likely set to portray the main villain of the film and take on whoever plays hero in the new trilogy. Driver is a bundle of talent with some great comic timing, so it will be interesting to see him in a much more intense role than before. Boyega

You May Know Him From: Attack The Block

Boyega is unanimously considered the best part of Joe Cornish's sci-fi Attack the Block. A promising young talent, Boyega will be able to make an impact with such a visible franchise. He's listed right below the original cast on Wikipedia and while I know that might not mean much, this could possibly hint to him being the leading man/hero for the franchise. How about making him a hero against Driver's villain and setting Boyega's path towards an eventual fall into the dark side. It would be an interesting character arc reminiscent of Anakin's original fall to becoming Darth Vader. Gleeson

You May Know Him From: Bill Weasley in Harry Potter franchise

The immensely talented Domhnall Gleeson is making small but powerful impacts in Indie films, his performance in last years About Time was beautiful where as Frank looks enticing. Gleeson physically embodies a scrawny/lanky underdog sort of look that actually fits the kind of hero Mark Hamill's Luke was. As such it would be an interesting aspect for him to be an opposite leading man to the physically similar Adam Driver. This way he could also most likely fit into the role of Luke's son or something.,0,214,317_AL_.jpgDaisy Ridley

You May Know Her From: -

Relative unknown Daisy Ridley is the only other female actor in the cast, which says a whole lot about Hollywood. Still this would mean that she most likely rounds out the lead hero roles which will most likely be a trio (as they usually are). As soon as that cast photo came out, the sitting arrangement caused speculation that maybe Daisy Ridley is set to play daughter to Han and Leia. If so then the character could be portrayed with similarity to Jaina Solo (the daughter of Han and Leia) from the now non-canon Expanded Universe. What if then Driver plays a version of her twin brother Jacen? Issac

You May Know Him From: Inside Llewyn Davis

Since the release of last years critically acclaimed yet underrated Coen feature Inside Llewyn Davis, Oscar Issac has become a wanted leading man. Of the four new cast members I've signified as most likely leads, Issac is five years older to the eldest (Gleeson and Driver). As such I don't necessarily think he will be a leading protagonist unless in a sort of Han Solo cum Obi Wan Kenobi type of role. Issac is a marvelous performer and he might also possibly be playing a villain. He's got the chops for both and the biggest reason beyond the original cast, that has me excited for this film. Serkis

You May Know Him From: Gollum in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong in King Kong, Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I listed those roles down to make a point, Serkis is the master of motion capture. So with a film obviously going to feature a plethora of major alien characters, it isn't hard to see that Serkis has been cast to portray most likely an alien Sith Lord like Darth Maul. He could also likely be portraying an alien friend as long as it isn't Jar Jar Binks, but it might just be a Yoda type sage character. But with the hero count being big, it isn't hard to see that Serkis is going to be a villain. The most confirmed thing about his casting is that we're going to get another iconic motion capture showing from the understated actor. Von Sydow

You May Know Him From: Ming the Merciless in Flash Gordon, Blofeld in 007 Never Say Never Again

A veteran actor mostly known state side for his portrayal of villains. If that doesn't indicate his role then let me explain. Sydow is a guaranteed lock as a villain for the feature, most likely portraying a Sith Lord and master to Adam Driver's younger central villain. It could be possible that Sydow portrays one that is initially killed by Driver resorting to a mere extended cameo role, or one that manipulates Driver's character but for a twist gets killed by Driver and then Driver himself chooses the path of villainy rather than being forced to it like Anakin. 

So that's the cast...Enjoy and...

May the Force be With You,

Darth Aneeshius               

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