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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Man of Steel: Movie Marathon with Michael Shannon

Movie Marathon

...With Michael Shannon



Whenever I wasn't taxed by hard work or too much studying I had peaceful times of entertainment for myself. Whether it be alone or with family, on TV, DVD or from Torrents (yes, I have been to the dark side), I would take the time to watch at most 3 movies on relaxing days. 

This was fun to do, as it kicked in my reviewing mind and allowed me to process some real gems I would find playing on TV, or in my Uncles DVD collection or mostly from the seedy (see what I did there) underbelly of Torrent piracy.

Enough of guilty confessions...Onto what I like to call a Movie Marathon, recently I got the time to take a break and I decided to finally watch some movies for a change (from everything else). 

Keeping in mind with the tagline of;


So I decided to watch movies pertaining one actor that hasn't at least according to me, generated visibility among the casual movie going crowd for Man of Steel; Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon plays the misguided villainous Kryptonian General Zod. I believe he could actually outshine his cast in this feature film and take his place alongside the new age (CBM) iconic villains Joker (late Heath Ledger) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston). 

Relevancy on the topic of Michael Shannon also arises due to the movie schedule from two weeks back. Michael Shannon has/is having two major films release this year. 

Most important is Man of Steel which will allow him to claim a measure of mainstream recognition, where as his already released The Iceman is being touted as his most riveting performance in his career, to date. 

The big question is...

What Did I Watch?

During the free time available to me, I was able to watch two interesting and highly divisive genre of films. The first is one of the casually under-watched films of last year;

Premium Rush


 Click on the picture above to get a full movie synopsis

Here Michael Shannon plays the character of crooked and debt ridden cop Bobby Monday. While the male protagonist is actually called Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), it's Monday who acts more like Wile E. Coyote whence using different tactics to chase down his Road-Runner (Wilee). 

While the high octane chase thriller is a bit too basic in its premise, the film is elevated by the two leads performances. Michael Shannon in particular channels his typical intense and crazy acting chops to present the most interesting character. 

His crisp and mumbling dialogue delivery really sells the seething rage and annoyance at having to deal with Wilee through the movie. As mentioned the premise and its reasons are a bit wafer thin, yet when it comes to the chase portion the film ramps up especially under the colossal presence of Shannon. Though it is a typical crazy guy role for Michael Shannon, so it's easier for him to play Monday. 

Performance: 8/10

The second is multiple award nominated, and the first film in years to reunite Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet...

Revolutionary Road


A big screen adaptation of the Richard Yates novel of the same name that follows the relationship of a wife and husband slowly drifting apart.

In Revolutionary Road, Michael Shannon plays the part of John Givings Jr. A genius but unfortunately mentally deranged son of Helen Givings (Kathy Bates)-the realtor to lead protagonists the Wheelers (Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio)-who he constantly screams at. 

Shannon received a Best Supporting Oscar Nomination for his breakthrough role and far outshone his more famous co-stars and their reunion since Titanic. Shannon's character acts as a crystal clear conscious for the couple in making them realize that they aren't happy together with his harsh truths. It's a tour de force performance played with ferocity be Shannon and signals his arrival as a talented star yet late bloomer. 

Performance: 9/10 

So that was a fun time for me witnessing what is two splendid performances from one of my favorite actors, since the time I saw him shine on acclaimed HBO TV series; Boardwalk Empire (check that out!).

I guarantee Shannon will knock one out of the park with General Zod in Man of Steel.

'Nuff Said

Aneesh Raikundalia 



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